sunnuntai 5. toukokuuta 2013

Headbangers weeked, Istanbul, Turkey 2.5.-5.5.

I'm on a Nightrain :-) So, it was time for the second festival this year and our first trip to Turkey. For starters our train from Kemi was about 45min late so we had a quick Crowmore at the Hölmölä bar in Kemi. Watched some tv-series in the train and fell asleep....the next morning we woke up around 0600 in Helsinki and went straight to the airport for breakfast. As soon as everyone had arrived we checked in and headed to our 13:05 flight to Istanbul. Upon arrival we got to experience first hand, what rush hour mean over here. It took forever to get to the hotel and once there we had just 20min to get ready before heading out to dinner. Unfortunately our dinner clashed with the FIN-GER hockey game but Ville was smart enough to bring his laptop along and the place had Wi-Fi so we managed to watch some parts of the game....and the answer is yes, ice-hockey is really important for us. Tonight's gonna be another game against Slovakia and if we're lucky it will end before our show :-)

After the show which should end around midnight we'll probably be back at the hotel by 0200 if we're lucky and at 0600 it's time to leave for the airport and fly home.....and still people wonder why we look tired sometimes...well to be honest, we're not 16 anymore.

...of course we had to make the leaving part a bit earlier so...back at the hotel just after 0100 and we left at 0500. Be that as it may, our first time in Turkey was a great experience and at the moment we're at the airport in Helsinki waiting for our flight back home. The next show will be in June so I have some time to program the sounds and learn the songs for the upcoming Silent Voices UK tour.