lauantai 9. helmikuuta 2013

Japan Tour: All the way home 9-10.2.

Was bored in the morning so I took some pics. Last night was another hot gig in Nagoya. Small stage and shitloads of lights to keep us warm. During the day we tried to do some shopping but personally I don't want to pay 80e for a normal kids hoodie, so.... Anyway at the moment I'm on the plane from Nagoya to Frankfurt and 5 hours in the lounge before heading to Helsinki for a night at the hotel and tomorrow we'll fly home in the least that's the plan. I'm watching: In Bruge at the far it's been a really shitty movie so in a few minutes I might give up on it and waste my time with something else. We'll see...drinks and dinner should be served in a moment and then it's time to try and get some sleep. I'm not really a fan of flying but then again who is ? There will be a lot more time spent on aircrafts in a few weeks when we do the South-American Tour ;-P

Later: I've watched: Here comes the Boom, Seven Psychopaths and Trouble with the Curve. Around halfway through the movie Arbitrage I passed out.....we just got served the last meal for this flight so we have a little bit more than one hour left until we reach Frankfurt. At the moment we're over Sweden, how about that ? So our total timeline for the trip home looks a bit like this:

Drive to the airport from the hotel 60min
Nagoya-Frankfurt 12h20min
Hang out at the lounge in Frankfurt around 5h
Frankfurt-Helsinki 2h30min
Hotelnight in Helsinki around 15 hours
Helsinki-Kemi 1,5 hours

So just over 2220 minutes...depending on delays and traffic when we get to Kemi, not bad :-P... I'll get back to you from the lounge if I care at that moment, otherwise it'll be tomorrow at the hotel or next week, who knows. Anyways here's my to do list for today:

Things to do today:
Sit on my ass as much as possible
Order random drinks 
Watch movies I never would pick if not made to (jajaja I know I don't have to watch 'em)
Find internet or call friend for latest NHL results
Charge computer

...that's about it....haha OMG I feel so needed today :-D , still waiting for someone to come up with a working consumer version of a Teleport....but as it is now, I wonder who could fill in for me during these travel days, please send in your application and tell me how it would work in real life. 


Morning "juice" and the bell of doom....the ying and yang of hotelmornings....

Driving to the airport, well technically being driven :-P

Just about to board the flight...actually this pic is just plain boring...

Hotelroomview from the 19th floor

....and one drink later it looke like this...can you see the difeerence ? Not so much, right ?

The Awesomes leaving Japan.....

I probably have a million pics from the aircraft window and they all look the same.....

perjantai 8. helmikuuta 2013

Japan Tour: Picture update Russia & Japan

Hola, just got some pictures from Tommy....enjoy...or don't....whatever :-)

Every trip to Russia starts with the Pectobah :-)

Appeareantly VR has their own brand of morning champagne.....

Leaving Russia , with the sunglasses on....

A really nice gift we got in Tokyo, thank you very much !!!!

Marko enjoying the view from the hotelroom in Tokyo.....

The dudes are loose....

...and still hanging....

...finally you'll see that these pics are from Tokyo and the Roppongi
nightclub area...


torstai 7. helmikuuta 2013

Japan Tour: Tokyo-Osaka: On the train 7.2.

Still alive and well ?

When we arrived in Tokyo, it was time to have some drinks and later we headed to the New Lex and some other bars as well. Got up the next day in the afternoon feeling always in Japan on the first day ;-)

The show last night in Tokyo was cool, we don't have the full crew with us this time so it took a while to set everything up and make it work properly. In a couple of hours we'll be in Osaka and have around 2 hours to rest at the hotel before we go to the venue.  Attached here are a couple of pics with Punky:

@the trainstation in Tokyo having a morning cider and getting the groove on....

@the backstage in Osaka, the end of the rainbow :-P

Anyway, tonight we'll play at the Big Cat and tomorrow is the last show of this HKI-Russia-Japan-inferno in Nagoya that is... Nothing much going on , I went out this morning to get some breakfast from 711 instead of ordering from the room service. Watched some comedy on FOX and got ready for we'll see you tonight. Stay Classy !!!

EDIT: The show was a lot of fun and afterwards we naturally went to ROKROK as always, it was a bit on the quiet side since it was Thursday but whatta hell....good times anyway.


Thanks to Ville for the pics :-)

tiistai 5. helmikuuta 2013

From Russia to Japan: On the plane 4.2.

Hello !!!
Upon arrival in Helsinki we dragged ourselves to the Holiday Inn at the railway station. A massive breakfast later I passed out in one of our rooms. My intention was to stay awake until the flight, in order to sleep on the plane and thus be closer to Japan Time when we arrived. Appeareantly the second bottle of champagne along with the breakfast-feast-from-hell was more than enough to knock me out. Be that as it may, it was a really good nap. The downside was that I missed saying hi to a buddy of mine but we'll do it another time. Sorry Sami. Later in the afternoon I got woken up by Tommy, singing me some Adele songs and telling me it was redwine time.....eventually I woke up and joined him for some afternoon wine-tasting. A quick run through the sauna and a shower and we were on our way to the airport. Our original flight was supposed to be Helsinki-Bejing-Tokyo but since the first part of the travel was delayed we would have missed our connection.....our travel booker fixed the glitch so we got to take an earlier flight....and straight from Helsinki to appeareantly sometimes good things happend. At the moment I'm starving and waiting for dinner to be served on the plane......better check out some movie just to focus on something else than being hungry...

...and I got the food....and more importantly drinks....tried to watch a movie after dinner but fell asleep and
woke up 1,5 hours before we were landing. Perfect. Hello Tokyo, we'll rock y'all tomorrow.


sunnuntai 3. helmikuuta 2013

From Russia to Japan: On the train 4.2.

Hi there !!
Ok, so Moscow was awesome and after the show we drove straight to the trainstation and boarded the train to St.Petersburg. As usual these night-train-rides can be a bit on the "wet" side and this one was no exception. Got up quite early and hit the breakfast-buffet at the hotel before going to bed and sleeping most of the day. Soundcheck, dinner....the usual stuff. In the evening we enjoyed the show before an entusiastic crowd that really seemed to appreciate our music. We were back at the hotel around 2330 and the wake up was at 0500 so at the moment there are a bunch of tired musicians hanging out on the train and getting ready to go to Helsinki. Next up is a few hours at a hotel there with breakfast and sauna :-) Later today we'll go to the airport for a 1800 flight to Japan via Bejing. I'll get some pics from Tommy later at some point...I hope....anyways, nothing new under the sun, we should probably open another bottle of champagne since the first one went out pretty quickly. Oh how I love travel days....


lauantai 2. helmikuuta 2013

Russia: Moscow 2.2.2013

Hello there music lover :-)

So we're back on the road after a short 3 days at home. First up was an early flight to Helsinki last Thursday in order to play at Virgin Oil Company. We hadn't played there before, ok venue, the crowd enjoyed it and of course we had to get wasted at the Bäkkäri Bar once again, so nothing new here. A good day at the office :-)
The next morning (well around 2 in the afternoon) we got kicked out from the hotel and went to our managements office to chat with Niko and steal some drinks...namely Campari....actually it was kindly offered to us so no reason to get upset :-)

Later we had time to check out the HRC in Helsinki. It was like every other one all around the world....but I had a caipirinha just to refresh my memory and get ready for south-america. Around 3 hours later we boarded the train to Moscow. Booze, movies and stupid jokes was the theme for the evening.  At some point it was time to get a couple of hours of sleep before the 0800 wake up call and morning tea. (yeah I said it, tea). At the Moscow railway station we were met by some fans, signed some stuff and took some pics. A short busride later we checked into the Radisson Blu and had some breakfast, which was really fucking great, I might add. I slept for some hours in my room and then got my shit together and we headed to the venue.We haven't played the Milk Club before but it seems like a nice place, good big stage and decent backstage. After the soundcheck we had dinner and then it was time to do shoot some jingles for our upcoming South-American tour. At the moment we're chilling backstage and in about an hour we'll get onstage. I'll try to get some pics for you but at the moment I'm too lazy for it.