maanantai 15. lokakuuta 2012

Finnish Club Tour: Kuopio, 12.10.-13.10.

Friday 12.10.- Kuopiohalli, Kuopio
So here we go probably the last show on home soil before the festivals next summer. The day started out really great, got picked up at my house around 0520 in the morning. Didn't sleep too well before that so it wasn't hard at all to pass out in my bunk in the bus. We arrived in Kuopio around noon, chilled downstairs in the bar with Tommy, waiting for Elias to arrive. At around 1500 we're leaving for the venue and soundcheck and after that it's time for another signing session at the local Levykauppa ÄX. 

                                              Just got done signing stuff :-)

I'll let you know how it goes in a bit. btw just listened through Devin Townsends Epicloud, some great shit ideed. Wasn't too surprised though, after all the man is a genius. Lately it's been a lot of Lana Del Rey, I really like the Born to Die album.... :-) Anyways I'll continue this a bit later when something happends, right now it's me, Lana and my computer with Marko sleeping in the other bed in our room. Maybe not a bad idea to charge up for the night....well.... The signing session was cool, on all of these occasions we've had a really great turnout so it's been nice.

Appeareantly we're the Home Team tonight !!!

After the signing stuff we went back to the venue for dinner. Somebody had realized the beauty of black pepper. OMG. It was good nevertheless. Before long it was time to hit the stage in front of around 1500ppl. In a 6000 capacity hall it does look a bit weird but whatta hell. We had a really good time and enjoyed playing in Finland for the last time this year. Naturally we had a hell of a tourending party in Henry's Pub.

Tommy with his favourite drummer Twist Twist (Los Bastardos Finlandeses)
                                                                        Aftershow smoking at the appropriate spot.

Saturday 13.10.-Travel Day Kuopio-Kemi
Nice fucking headache !!! Sleep, food, jä do what you can to get in shape. Left Kuopio at around 0900 and was home just before 1600. Thank you Finland. Next up Japan,Europe & America before christmas. We're ready, how about you ?


pics by Tommy

maanantai 8. lokakuuta 2012

Finnish Club Tour: Seinäjoki & Oulu, 5.10.-7.10.

Friday 5.10.- Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki

According to my itenenary I was picked up from home at 10:15, picking up the guys, occasional food stops and some 3 hour nap were the main events during the ride down. Chilled in the hotel for some time with the guys before heading towards dinner & soundcheck, my favourite combo :-) 
I don't remember how many times we've played here but it's been a couple at least. Pretty cool venue, nice people and so on...we'll see what happends tonight, goddamn I can't wait to get onstage !!! A couple of our friends from Studio57 are coming down to the show as well, it'll be nice to catch up and have guessed it: beers. Alrighty, friends arriving, some hours to showtime. I'll get back on this later....maybe tomorrow or whatever.

Kinda great night, the band clicked and the audience was responsive. A happy day at work so to say. The only minus is that I just got back to the hotel and it's 0230 and we have to get up and going at 0700. Doesn't sound too bad but I'm not feeling a slightest bit sleepy....shit. Good luck then and let's see what happends. Tomorrow Oulu, signing session at the Levykauppa ÄX and whatnot. It'll be great....I think.

btw we found out that our tape, marking how to play the Ameriikan Juna-DVD-menu song were still taped onto the piano backstage, so if you're ever there check it out !!!

Saturday 6.10.-Club Teatria, Oulu
What a nice little nap, wasn't it ? Be that as it may, we had some breakfast with marko before heading to the bus and sleeping most of the drive to Oulu.At the moment we just got in to our hotel and in a few hours it's time for the signing session.

...The signing session was smooth, like they have been on this whole tour. We went straight to the venue for soundcheck and dinner. I can't remember how many times we've played at Teatria but it's a very familiar place and naturally the show was really cool. During fullmoon my keyboard got caught in one of the stagelights and I tipped it over, trying to get free.....well sometimes these things happend, no biggie.
Afterwards we made a quick stop at the hotel before heading out for some drinks and dancing (haha, as if...)
This is our Bell of Doom, when you hear this sound
you'll know it's time to get the fuck up !!!!!!

Sunday 7.10. - Travel "day" Oulu-Kemi (meaning just 1,5h on the bus)

Got a bit drunk yesterday but was is shape for the 0900 breakfast and the 1000 lobby call for the ride home..... next Friday we'll have the last show of the Finnish Tour and the last show in Finland for quite some time. We're all really looking forward to get on with the "proper" touring, these weekend shows are somehow a bit confusing. It's a bit hard to get into any groove with just a few shows in a row and at home it's hard to get into any decent rythm in just a couple of days. Blah blah, as said, one more and then we'll go and play for everybody else :-)


pics by Tommy & Henkka

keskiviikko 3. lokakuuta 2012

Finnish Club Tour: Helsinki,Tampere & Lahti 24.9.-30.9.

Monday 24.9. Travel Day, Kemi-Helsinki
...just jumped on the train in the evening for an overnight run down to Helsinki. Marko
joined me from Oulu. Pretty uneventful ride since we slept most of it.

Tuesday 25.9. Tavastia, Helsinki
We go lucky with the hotel and could check in just before 10 in the morning. Most of the day was spent sleeping and watching movies. We did a signing session at the Levykauppa ÄX in the afternoon and before long it was time to do the show. The acoustic thing is starting to work better and better by the night but during the last song Tony cracked me up and I spent the rest of the song trying not to laugh the whole time. Well, we're a bunch of clowns anyway.  Since we were going to have an early show the next day we headed straight to the hotel after the show.

Wednesday 26.9. Tavastia, Helsinki
Went to the gym with Tony and Marko in the afternoon, other than that I pretty much stayed in my room and rested. The show was an all-ages thing and started already at 1900. It's still a bit weird to play that early in a club but somehow we got ourselves going and in retrospect I think that this was the best of the three Tavastia shows as far as the band playing tight and everything running smoothly. Somehow we managed to take a detour via the Bäkkäri bar before the hotel, which might not have been the best idea. 

Thursday 27.9. Tavastia, Helsinki
Since we had a late show, I could sleep most of the day and thus get rested and ready. Our manager caught us off guard by not telling us that we were going to get our gold-albums for Stones Grow Her Name during the show. We had a business meeting in the afternoon but he didn't say anything about it then so....just as we were starting Shitload of Money, the stage was invaded with people that had worked on the album and we were given our gold-albums. Lots of pictures were taken and it took a while before we got to continue the show. Afterwards we got champagne and of course got detoured to the Bäkkäri bar again and this time it was definately not a good idea...or was it ? Can't remember. Anyways we spotted Neumann and Tuksu two finnish celebrities, famous for very different reasons though.
Welcome back to Tampere, I give you the 
judgemental lamb....with Elias of course..

Friday 28.9. Pakkahuone, Tampere
What a horrible hangover all day....I guess we're not 20 anymore :-) Anyways, in the evening when it was time to get onstage I was already feeling pretty close to normal. Sturm und Drang was our support band for tonight (haven't had openers before this on the tour), I managed to catch a few of their last songs. Since this is Elias hometown it's always kinda special to play here. That and the amazing crowd who definately were out to have a good time. Btw almost forgot that we had a signing session again at Levykauppa ÄX, it went smoothly so nothing special about it. Went straight to the hotel after the show since we had one more show on this part before taking a few days off.

Signing session @ Levykauppa Äx in Tampere.

Saturday 29.9. Sibeliustalo, Lahti
Woke up in time for breakfast for the first time this week :-) , A short drive later we're in Lahti. The venue today is a concert hall, meaning numbered seating and balconies and whanot.....and of course an early show (1900). The backstage is as you can expect with separate rooms for all the bandmembers and mine and Tonys even had pianos in them in addition to the private shower and beds....unbeliavable. Well, being that all the circumstances were excellent, we of course had to work our asses off during the show to get the crowd into it. I guess most of them were standing by the end of the show but it took us a while to get there.

Properly marked private dressingrooms
quite a bit different from your basic backstage

Afterwards we went to the sauna upstairs, had some food and drinks and packed ourselves into the bus. Some 600+km later I get dropped off at home, just in time for breakfast....for the second time this week.

Some crazy fans or something that joined us on
the bus from Lahti and back home...very weird guys.


Pics by Tommy

Finnish Club Tour: Jyväskylä, Savonlinna & Turku 20.9.-23.9.

Thursday 20.9. - Lutakko, Jyväskylä
We start the fall touring in Lutakko, I just counted and this is the bands 9:th time playing here so you can say we're quite familiar with the venue. We have some new songs in the setlist and we're also doing a signing session during the day at Levykauppa ÄX so there'll be plenty of stuff going on today. We'll see how long it takes to get into the touring groove....the show was a bit on the shaky side, at least from my point of view...I doubt anybody noticed though.. This was the only show on the Finnish tour that we didn't do the acoustic thing...why ? The stage was too small for that and a couple of technical issues played their part as well. We played Breathing and Last amazing grays instead which you probably won't hear on the other shows. Left for the hotel about an hour after the show and spent the night watching movies and relaxing.

Friday 21.9. Savonlinnasali, Savonlinna

Backstage in Savonlinna....

Some hours in the bus and it's time for Savonlinna for the first time for us (as far as I remember). The venue is a concert hall more suitable for classical music than rock'n'roll but that doesn't stop us. The showtime is already at 1900 so there wasn't much time to do anything except the usual soundcheck/dinner/getting ready for the show. Afterwards we hit the local pub for some drinks and pool. Btw,this was the first time on this tour that we did the acoustic thing and the plan is to do it on the rest of the Finnish shows as well as on the European Tour. The songs might change but at the moment we're doing Tallulah, Dead Skin and Wanted. In addition to the new songs we introduced in the setlist during the summer we're also playing The Gun and The Day as part of the set. These things might change and you never know what will happend but at least our aim is to keep this setlist for the fall and then check it again in January and see what we come up with for the spring season.

Walking from the hotel to the bar :-)

Saturday 22.9. Logomo, Turku

Overslept again, shit. Anyways we got kicked out of bed and headed towards Turku. A nice little 500km morning drive. As we were in a hurry we went straight to the venue instead of going to the hotel. About an hour later we were picked up for our signing session at the local Levykauppa ÄX. Again everything went really smooth and we signed a whole bunch of stuff, took some pictures and chatted a bit with the people.Back at the venue we did our soundcheck and had dinner (stop me when this starts to sound familiar, ok ?)... and then it was time for me & Marko to get our hair cut :-)
The show had a couple of memorable moments like when we stopped to play Tallulah and the crowd kept on singing it....another thing happened during Wanted that led me & Tony to burst into laughter during the latter parts of the song, making it hard to perform it correctly. Well, we'll try to do it with a straight face next time....I think it's important not to take everything so fucking seriously all the time....relax goddamit !!! Met up with some relatives after the show and took a quick few drinks at the bar across the street from the hotel before heading to bed in order to wake up on time to catch the train up north in the morning.

Sunday 23.9.  Travel day Turku- Kemi
There's something going on with the universe, trying to prevent Marko & I to wake up in the morning, I have no clue what it is but I'm started to get convinced that there are some dark forces operating. You might think that's funny....well go ahead and laugh out loud but this next thing I'm about to reveal might make you a believer. Here's what happened:

In order to be sure that we we'll wake up on time I did the following preparations:
-set the alarm on my phone to 0555
-asked the hotel to have the wake-up thing set up at 0600
-told the receptionist to call me at my room at 0605
-reminded Marko to set his phone alarm on
-agreed that our mixing guy Mikko who also was going to come to the train 
would call me around 0630 ...we would then meet in the lobby and take a cab
to the trainstation and catch the train leaving at 0700

I know these measures might sound a bit too much but here's what happened. I woke up at 0645, I didn't hear mine or Markos phone go off. The TV-alarm thing that the hotel had set up was not making a sound. The receptionist didn't call. (I think somehow he was trying to wake up the wrong room). Anyway I throw my stuff in my bag, run downstairs and ask for a cab. While I'm waiting I call Mikko up, he's a bit surprised since according to his phone the time is 0550. (later it turns out that his phone had decided to put him on Istanbul time for some unknown reason). At 0655 I get the cab, no Marko in sight, I just make a run for it and made it to the train. Normally it wouldn't really matter if we're a bit late and of course I would never run out on any of the guys like that but it just so happends that my daughter has her birthdayparty today and I want to make it back home in time. So, tomorrow night I jump back on the train with Marko and we head for Helsinki and the shows at Tavastia. We'll see about how the dark forces will operate next week but I'm prepared to take them on and I'll be taking some old school waking up devices with me in order to win this battle.


pics by Tommy