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Latin-America:found some more stupid pics...

   Some more airplane pics ;-)...

Actually I don't even know which city this is......

...or if we're on the way down or up....I'd guess we're about to land but I'm not sure...

This is the beautiful countryside of Paraguay...I think...

Would be fun to jump around out there wouldn't it ?

..but instead we're having suuuuch a good time inside...

After the last song in Sao Paolo...cheers !! (pic by Ville)

...and here are our asses in SP ;-) (pic by Ville)

Tommy might still have some pics from the tour...I'll post them at some point if I get any....otherwise
this is it from Latin-America this time...

cheers & thanks,

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Latin-America: Chile, Buenos Aires and going home !!

Santiago de Chile 15.3.

Last night when we arrived  I headed out with Marko. It was a bit crazy and when the bars closed we found an Opera Singer dude which with whom we went to some underground pool place and got totally smashed. Well....occasionally we still party ;-) The next day I did an radio interview in the afternoon with Marko before heading to the venue and soundcheck. I have played here a couple of times before and it's always been nice. After a short meet & greet we met the local fanclub people who gave us two beautiful leather cases one containing a bottle of red wine and the other had wineglasses in it with our names on them. Really beautiful, thanks guys. The show was once again really great and our audience really excited. I think Elias guitar rig was clipping at some point but I don't think anyone noticed. Since we had to wake up really early the next morning (leaving the hotel at 0600) I planned to go straight to bed after the show. Of course when we arrived at the hotel at around 0100 in the morning or something, the power was out. So first I couldn't get into my room...and when I finally got there I had no lights or anything. I just crashed on the bed and slept for maybe 1,5 hours before I woke up when all of a sudden the power came back on and my room was bright and shiny. Couldn't get back to sleep so I took my shower and packed some of my stuff. Back to bed for another hour or so and when it was time to go, naturally the power was gone again, so I packed the rest of my stuff in the light of my mobilephone and headed on down to the lobby.

Buenos Aires 16.3.

Another of those days when you fly in the morning and play in the evening. As soon as we got to the hotel in BA some of us went out to eat with the local promotor. A short nap back at the hotel before driving to the venue. Since we had to wake up so early we decided not to do a soundcheck....that wasn't maybe the best idea. At the beginning of the show, Tommy didn't have any click in his in-ears which caused some interesting moments....well sometimes shit happends ;-) When we got the show rolling everything was back to normal, screaming fans and enjoyable moments. Afterwards we headed to a close by Irish Bar with the promotor and had some drinks. A bunch of fans that followed us, bought us a bottle of red wine, which was a nice gesture. Thanks. Actually during this tour we have recieved so many nice gifts that I probably forgot to mention most of them. Sorry for that, your presents are hightly appreciated  !!! 

Buenos Aires 17.3.

A chance to finally I took it :-) during the afternoon I went walking about with Punky, Flavio, Tero and Tommy. Some shopping and the best steak on this tour later it was time to get some more sleep at the hotel before the 1700 lobby call and the drive to the venue. We had a signing session lined up and then a few hours to just wait our show to start. Since this was the last show of the tour, it was a bit restless but I think we managed to keep it together somewhat well compared to what some of the tourending shows have been in the past. Afterwards we held a private party at the rooftop pool at the hotel. It was closed but since the hotel manager was a fan he let us up there anyway....realizing it was my last chance to enjoy the pool (didn't manage to do that during this whole tour) I jumped in for awhile before heading to my room and crashing.

Going home 18.3.-19.3.

Left the hotel for the airport in the afternoon and a trip home that would be Buenos Aires-Paris-Helsinki-Kemi. Checked out some movies on the plane and the usual drinks but finally in Helsinki the black hole curse striked again. Remember what I told you about the Charles de Gaulle Airport in the beginning of this tour ? We'll this time they didn't fail so we were missing a bass and an equipment case upon arrival. Luckily there's a few weeks before the UK tour so maybe we have time to get them back. At the moment I'm at the airport in Helsinki with a couple of hours before the last flight. I'll update some pics when I get home but as far as I'm concerned it's time to say Thank you all, this was awesome !!! Many flights, great shows and some hassle but we had a really good time. Until the UK tour, I'm out.


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Latin-America: Paraguay and the another nice travel day 14.3.

So, yeah interesting ok, nice not so much. During the day we just hanged around the hotel = honestly I was just sleeping off my hangover so no idea what happend. Moving on. When we arrived at the venue we found out that the promotor had this great idea of us playing outdoors with no roof and the PA behind the band. Our TM called it off, and that's what he's paid to do, we really can't afford to blow our equimpent in case of rain and on top of that: the way the stuff ways setup about 50% of the audience would not have heard anything except reflections. So the end result was that we were moved inside to a smaller venue. So, the conditions were now ok and the audience excited but personally I was really not happy with how things turned out = 200 fans with tickets couldn't get in. We don't approve of this kind of behaviour. Sucks ass. Next time I hope our local promotor will find a way for everyone to participate. After the show we went to the hotel and met up with some fans there before making it a private party within the band, the pool, some wine ,jäger & beers....naturally we got to sleep too late and had to wake up too early....yeah I know whiny whiny little we have a really nice off-day = about 12 hours of flights, airports and busrides. I shall talk to my friends Johnny, Mr.Miller and Vino Blanco. Feelin really needed, wanted and trusted upon today ;-)
See you all tomorrow in Chile and be ready since we got this shit locked down !!!


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Latin-America: Rio to Asuncion photos

...and some more bullshit photos from yours truly ;-)

Broke the door in our hotel in Rio...sorry.....

Up in the air again....

Tried to do a nice sunset shot....

What, where and when ? No idea...

Another sunsetshot that failed miserably...well you get the gist.

Funny looking clouds....or is it in my head ?

There's a storm coming....

The late night dinner and a small beer for Tero ;-)


Latin-America: Pictures from Colombia

Here are some pics from Colombia....

Hunter S.Thompson on his way to Medellin....

I Saw this house maybe 20 times during our stay in Bogota, I don't know why we always had to pass that, regardless of where we were going.....

The view from my toilet @the hotel in Medellin.... as you can see there is no window, luckily
it didn't rain...

A nice view from the hotel in Cali.

Driving to the airport in Medellin on our way to Cali....

Finally a bunch of nature-pics from when we were driving from the airport to the
hotel in Medellin....really nice !!!

Despite the beautiful nature, we didn't feel too safe after we saw the tire of our van upon arrival.
Luckily no accident happend.


Latin-America: Leaving Colombia, Sao Paolo & Rio de Janeiro 9.3.-13.3.

The last of the Colombians :-)
So, the Medellin show was really hot and nice. Afterwards the awesomes ruled the night for awhile before getting to bed. In the morning we had to go through the usual airport hassles and bullshit before bording the very short flight to Bogota. Well back at the hotel we had a quick dinner before taking a really good and long nap, actually the first time on this tour that I managed to sleep during the day. It was nice. While heading to soundcheck we were made aware of a whole bunch of interesting things regarding the setup of the show.At the end of the day everything was sorted out and we were ready as well.It was with big interest that we approached the show, because of the altitude it was a bit hard to breathe....nevertheless the crowd helped us through and we had an amazing time....this was the perfect way to end the Colombian leg of this tour. Naturally we had to go out afterwards and check out some bars. Nothing to crazy though so it was not a problem at all to get up in the morning and get my shit together for the travel to Brazil and Sao Paolo. The usual hassles and blah blah....before finally making it to the 6 hour flight. I had a breakfast burger at some local type of joint at the airport....the best burger I have had in ages. During the flight I watched Skyfall and some comedy bits as well as took a nap.....I'm looking forward for tomorrow... Upon arrival me & Marko of course had to go out and see if the local metal bar was still up. It was, and it even featured the same Pantera cover band that we watched 2 years ago. Beautiful. We met a finnish speaking guy Rafael and some other people and continued our quest to take on Sao Paolo. Standing on the balcony of a local bar  with Marko and drinking Jack & Coke with a smoke in my hand, watching the sun rise, I realized it was time to call it a day. You live, you learn, you grow, your wither and then... there will be another day.

Brazil, Sao Paolo 10.3.
No big surprise here, spent the day sleeping :-) ...and by the time we left for soundcheck I was back to normal, alive and well....and of course excited about the show to come. For us this was a venue that we hadn't played before but it was very nice. Since we've met the production guy the night before at the bar we knew everything should be quite ok and our crew confirmed that the day had went along smoothly. With all the signs being nice and good circumstances it was very easy to put on a good show for out excited friends and this was a real blast I must say. Thank you all a lot. Later we met up with a bunch of people and somehow ended up having a garden party in front of the hotel with friends, fans and strangers. Cheers Daniel ;-) ....anyways that led to the issue of not getting to sleep before we had to leave in the morning.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro 11.3.
I managed to get my stuff together somehow (guess the time of miracles isn't over yet) and headed towards the airport. Slept in the car, slept on the plane and finally in Rio I basically crashed immediately when I got to the hotel. As the crew went to the venue the rest of the guys had a late lunch and checked out Copacabana Beach......while I was totally the hotel. I woke up when Marko came back in to the room (during these three weeks this was the first and last night of double rooms so y'all know with whom I would be staying didn't ya ?) Anyway, got up, showered, packed my shit and then it was time to go to the venue and do the soundcheck. The venue looked more like a large cafe from the 60's, suitable for jazz music. Well, it had a stage and was sold out  so...let's see. This show was the hottest one on this tour, actually I think it was the hottest one on any of the shows with this album...and apart from Tommy's drumkit falling into pieces (Mehtis Olari our drumtech had to fix something every other song at least, cymbals falling down and whatnot.) it was a lot of fun. Some fucking balloons on stage and what not....and I actually got a blackout during the beginning of Tallulah....while playing the intro I started to think about some musical theory stuff related to what I was doing.....resulting in me dropping the ball. Well, that's a least on this song. Luckily Tony got the hang of it and bailed me out :-) After the show and a minor signing session it was time to decided what to focus on....which ended up being me, Tommy & Elias having some red whine in  the hotel room....and later ordering a late night dinner for all of us. An easy relaxing night so to speak and finally I actually got to sleep a 3 hours before having to get up.

Leaving Brazil 12.3.
Feeling somewhat rested, I lounged to the lobby with Marko a couple of minutes before 0800 when our lobby call was. A short drive to the airport, basic hassles, 45min flight to Sao Paolo, a company lunch, keimobaari and then it was time to board the flight to Paraguay....we made some stop somewhere to leave and pick up some people...(yeah, I know it sounds like some drugbust or kidnapping, and franky , it felt a bit like that as well) we arrived to Ascuncion...(spellcheck anyone ?)... ... A nice late night dinner with the promotor before we headed out to a local irish bar with real leprechauns. Tomorrow will be interesting, since it's our first time over here.


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Latin-America: Costa Rica, travel & Medellin, Colombia

San Jose, Costa Rica 4.3.:
so we survived the flight, actually I fell asleep and woke up just before landing so that went really well. Had a club sandwich and a couple of beers in my room as soon as we arrived at the hotel, just after midnight. It seems like it's a bit windy here...woke up around 0700 to the noise of the roof falling down on me. After an hour of so and a quick morning shower I went down to have some breakfast. Mehtis and Tero happened to be there so I didn't have to eat alone :-) ...spent the day in the room trying to take a nap but someone was appeareantly fixing something next door so it was impossible to get to sleep in that fucking noise. The show went over really well and it was exciting to play in a new country for people that (at least for the most part) have never seen us live before. Before the show we had a meet and great and afterwards we went back to the hotel. There was a Casino downstairs so naturally we had to check it out, with the end result being that I overslept the next morning and had to be kicked up from my bed.....oh shit.

Travel, San Jose-Bogota, Colombia 5.3.
we were actually supposed to get all the way to Medellin but there was some hassles with the flights or something so we stayed overnight in Bogota. I had some dinner at the hotel and spent the next  14-15 hours in bed.....

Travel Bogota-Medellin & Show in Medellin 6.3.
Got up in the morning feeling very rested indeed, had some breakfast with Marko & Tony before packing my stuff and getting ready to take the van to the airport. After a really short flight we arrived in Medellin. Our first surprise was that there was no restaurant at the hotel, but we were arranged a van and headed out the moment I'm back at the hotel, waiting for the confirmation that everything is set up at the venue and what time we go there to play the show. Originally we were supposed to start playing at 2000 but as it's 1940 at the moment and I'm still laying on my bed in the hotel in my underwear I don't think the show will start on time. We'll when in Rome...we'll see how it goes and what'll happend next.


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Latin-America: Mexico City- San Jose 3.3. travel day

So the show in MC was really great, you're always a bit nervous after some weeks off but appeareantly
we still know how to play our songs so no worries there....and as usual our Mexican fans came through and made a party of it so, thanks guys this was amazing. Later me & Marko (as usual) hit a local bar which was a bit was called the bulldog and it was packed. Somehow we got ourselves back to the hotel alive and I even hit the breakfast buffet with Tommy before going to sleep. When I got up I spent the day hanging out with Tommy and Elias watching stupid stuff on youtube and....having a couple of drinks, Some of the dudes who woke up went to check out some pyramids or something...I'm sure you'll see it in Tonys tourvideos :-) At the moment I'm hanging out in the lounge at the airport waiting for our flight to Costa Rica. It's our first time there so it will be really interesting to see what's going on and how the coutry is. I'm sure it'll be great....just trying to watch the Rangers game but the internet is not too good so it's not really working out....we'll I'm confident that they can beat Buffalo without me watching....would be nice to enjoy the game but whatta hell...that's some stupid pics again so enjoy and I'll be back.


Backstage in Mexico: This is the first time I've seen one of these small Coronita bottles. Amazing
totally amazing...and it tastes just as good as the normal sized ones....

Some local band @the bulldog, or at least I think they were local but I have no idea, could have been a  band from Finland as never know....

Self-Portrait during the show @ the bulldos, as you can see I was a bit sceptical about the whole thing.

Waiting to do the check-in at the airport in Mexico City.....Tony didn't want to be in the picture but I got him....BooYa !!

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Latin-America: Mexico photos 2.3.

Hola, only boring people are bored....and right now I am, so I tested my new phone and it's
camera which is not really too good but whatta fuck, got nothing better to do right now anyway :-)

This is my casa until tomorrow afternoon when we leave for Costa Rica....

...and in case you wonder what I'm listening to I just went through, two Mötörhead albums, No sleep 'til hammersmith and Orgasmatron as well as Parts of the process by Morcheeba, at the moment I'm checking out Murderballads by Nick Cave but it's a bit too depressing for me right now so I'll better start watching some NHL hightlights before I loose it completely......

...and of course the obligatory window-view picture, 7th floor and a lot of big windows which is nice. Can't wait to get onstage already.....later...


Latin-America: Mexico City 2.3.

Nothing got lost in the black hole !!!! Hell yeah, so I'm proven wrong once again :-)  We hit some bars
in Helsinki and hung out with a bunch of people. The next morning was a bit hard but somehow we got on the flight to Paris and from there to Mexico City. Upon arrival we took a bunch of pics and signed some stuff, I wonder how people find out which flights we are using ? At the hotel we had a quick dinner before heading to bed, which of course was a huge mistake...I passed out around 2100 and woke up just after 0300 in the morning. Got some breakfast with Tommy and Marko (who for some reason just arrived to the hotel at around 0600 in the morning)....later I went back to my room and took a short nap...and now i woke up again, feeling hungry again...gotta order something from the room service, or check if someone would grab some lunch with me. See you all at the show tonight !!!


The first breakfast of this trip, it was very good indeed :-)

Latin-America: Heading out 28.2.

So, we actually managed to get home from Japan more or less on time. Had some drinks at the loungein Frankfurt and that was about the most exciting thing that happened that day. Oh, Actually me & Marko (of course, who else) went to Bäkkäri bar upon arrival in Helsinki. Met up with Mr.Liimatainen who happened to be there as well. Beers and blabber. The next day we slept as long as possible and in
the afternoon it was time to fly which we all succeded. Job well done...well, at least done.

..and now after a couple of weeks at home, doing random stuff around the house and trying to keep the kids from breaking everything and killing each other, it's time to head down towards the sun, the
drinks and the swimmingpools for about 3 weeks. I just checked and we're supposed to travel a bit over 37 000km and play 11 shows during this time so...not much time to rest I guess. At the moment we're in Helsinki, flew out from Kemi in the afternoon and tomorrow morning we head towards Mexico City via Paris. Just have to mention that in my world the Charles de Gaulle airport is a black hole since every single time we've gone through there or flew in or out of there some piece of our luggage is missing. Let's see if I'm proven wrong this time ;-)  Tomorrow all day will be flying so there's really no reason why we shouldn't go out and hit the bars. Which we will.....right about now, I'd guess. See ya later !!!