lauantai 12. toukokuuta 2012

Official Tour Blog Launched !!!

Hi There, 
ok, so instead of posting this and that all over the web, here's the official tour blog for our Stones Grow Her Name World Tour. This tour will take about 2 years so there will be plenty of stories here. Any stories that are not from the tour, like recording sessions etc, you'll find on my homepage:  , I will also try to get some of the other guys to write something here occasionally.....and hell, we might even post pictures. More stuff you can find on

It's gonna be a long tour all over the world so fasten your seatbelts people, here we go !!!!


8 kommenttia:

  1. Please return to Mexico!! we miss you very much!!! :-)

  2. A tour blog seems like a good idea. I would be following it anyway, I always like reading your tour impressions. would be nice, though. Yes. If there's one thing I miss from Elias' old blogs are his adorable pictures of you guys just hanging out. :)

  3. in yours tour, are u planning como to Chile? its been fabulous

  4. I bet you won't come to Poland, you never did :(
    If I'm wrong I'll bring you guys a bottle of mead and some vodka, ok? :D

  5. It would be really awesome if you come to Mexico! n_n

  6. The Tour Dates listed only cover 2012... I hope 2013 includes America ! Specifically New York or Boston !

  7. I lost my bet, you are coming to Poland! For the first time! Finally.. :D Thank you very much, I'll show my appreciation with mead&vodka and more!

  8. Hope see another blog with tour in South America!