lauantai 12. toukokuuta 2012

Radio Rock Cruise, Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki (May 5-6, 2012)

Having a few weeks off before the first shows on the tour is not really nice. Personally I'd rather have a bunch of shows in a row to get started and get into the groove. Nevertheless, on saturday morning we flew down to Helsinki and shuttled off to our managements office. Awaiting us there was around 500 "I have a right" singles to be signed for the webshop. That of course took a while and we also did a couple of video spots as well...and just before leaving for the cruise we had the time to talk a little bit about next years touring plans and it will be busy, I'll tell you that much. 

We entered the Baltic Princess (I think that was the name of the boat) late in the afternoon and after getting our cabins and having dinner (which was really good btw) it was time to try to have a quick nap before the signing session and the show. Since our showtime was at midnight and we boarded the flight early in the morning, most of us were getting a bit tired at this point. I almost managed to sleep, and probably would have succeded if it wasn't for Elias phoning me up at some point, and then some loudspeaker announcement about whatever....well that's what's red bull is for, right ?

At around 2130 we had a brief signing session and then it was time to start to get changed and ready for the show. A really excited and "liquered up" crowd awaited us and despite the somewhat small stage we had a blast. In addition to the other new stuff we played at PPM we now also added Shitload of Money to the set. I think it worked really great despite the fact that nobody had heard it before so it will probably be in the set for the rest of the summer. Drinks after the show of course and an early wake-up to leave the ship in Tallinn. What ? Exactly we left the cruise midway, jumped on a faster boat back to Helsinki to catch an afternoon flight to Kemi and before 6 o'clock we were at home. Really a run & gun show but we like it. So next up is Sonisphere in Spain. I'll be back then.


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  1. Yeeeeeeah it must have been a bitch signing all of those, but thank you for persevering! :D I'm so proud to have a copy :)

    Can't wait for album... *rocks back and forth in agitation*

    (Btw it's mitsu here~)

  2. that´s the life of a musician.. fast roads, and nice shows! and a lot of drinks, of course :D. good luck with the tour, hope to see you in south america soon!!!

  3. Considering I'm the show right after Sonisphere (the Sauna-thingie in Tampere) I'm VERY happy you guys are already throwing in the new songs. I can't wait to see you. It's almost painful how much I need to see you guys.

  4. Are you coming to Spain? (Please, Bilbao...)

  5. Will u buck a gig in Serbia i would really like to see my Favorite band preforming :)))