torstai 24. tammikuuta 2013

Scandinavia: Stockholm 24.1.

So, Oslo was nice, spent the day watching crap on youtube at the hotel. For the show we went with the same setlist as in the US, somehow it seems to work. So instead of the acoustic thing that we did in Europe we're playing The Last Amazing Grays and Last Drop Falls....Elias has a short solo spot and....hmm...what else ? You probably know the setlist better than I do :-) Anyways we had a really good time on stage and it's definately great to be back doing what we do best, which is playing rock'n'roll. Afterwards we had some drinks at the Revolver bar next to the hotel before getting to bed...after all the wake-up call was at 0600.

I managed to get up and transfer myself to my bunk in the bus. The next time I woke up it was at a gas station with a Mac D next to it so I had a Big Mac meal as my breakfast....healthy shit.... While driving
to Stockholm we had to stop for a couple of hours in the middle of the highway, appeareantly a truck had broke down in the middle of the road and there was a huge line of cars just waiting 'til the towtruck came and cleared the way. I don't mind waiting when we have internet on the bus, so I spent the time talking about NHL with Ville and checking out cool goals from this season. I'm very happy that the lock-out is finally over and we can enjoy some fucking hockey. Hell Yeah !!!

When we finally managed to get to Stockholm we had some soup and sandwitches :-) At the moment
I'm waiting for dinner,soundcheck and an interview...the order still to be determined. Time to watch some NHL highlights from yesterday.


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  1. kiitos for the news Henkka =)

  2. You guys totally rocked Oslo! Thanks for stopping by :) I absolutely loved the show, and I love you guys <3

  3. Big Mac for breakfast!? OH NO!!!
    Luckily for you, here in Brazil we have many fruits!

    See you in March!!!