sunnuntai 3. helmikuuta 2013

From Russia to Japan: On the train 4.2.

Hi there !!
Ok, so Moscow was awesome and after the show we drove straight to the trainstation and boarded the train to St.Petersburg. As usual these night-train-rides can be a bit on the "wet" side and this one was no exception. Got up quite early and hit the breakfast-buffet at the hotel before going to bed and sleeping most of the day. Soundcheck, dinner....the usual stuff. In the evening we enjoyed the show before an entusiastic crowd that really seemed to appreciate our music. We were back at the hotel around 2330 and the wake up was at 0500 so at the moment there are a bunch of tired musicians hanging out on the train and getting ready to go to Helsinki. Next up is a few hours at a hotel there with breakfast and sauna :-) Later today we'll go to the airport for a 1800 flight to Japan via Bejing. I'll get some pics from Tommy later at some point...I hope....anyways, nothing new under the sun, we should probably open another bottle of champagne since the first one went out pretty quickly. Oh how I love travel days....


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