perjantai 8. helmikuuta 2013

Japan Tour: Picture update Russia & Japan

Hola, just got some pictures from Tommy....enjoy...or don't....whatever :-)

Every trip to Russia starts with the Pectobah :-)

Appeareantly VR has their own brand of morning champagne.....

Leaving Russia , with the sunglasses on....

A really nice gift we got in Tokyo, thank you very much !!!!

Marko enjoying the view from the hotelroom in Tokyo.....

The dudes are loose....

...and still hanging....

...finally you'll see that these pics are from Tokyo and the Roppongi
nightclub area...


4 kommenttia:

  1. Hi,Henkka!!!\m/
    Huge thanks to you guys!!!
    I had a blast tonight as well!
    These three days were very fun.
    I already miss you...:(
    So, please hurry back to Japan!!
    (Tony said "see you next year" right??:p)
    I LOVE Sonata Arctica!

  2. You should tell your friend Marko to smile a little more often on pictures ...
    Have not seen many pictures where he is smiling ... :) Just a little thought. :)

  3. Oh Marko ... I love you so much, I can not wait for them to come to Argentina ...! I want to see!!