tiistai 16. huhtikuuta 2013

UK-Tour: in Birmingham 16.4.

Hi there,
Let's see what's been going on lately....The Show in Nottingham was really cool and we enjoyed ourselves(as usual). Later some of us went to a nearby tavern the Marko & I found the night before. Had a few drinks but nothing too crazy. The nex morning we woke up in Machester of all places :-) Last time when we played here we managed to move our show to the nicer hall upstairs but this time we didn't have such luck. Had some food at the pub before our soundcheck. In the evening we had the hottest show in a long time, the whole band was dripping in sweat along with around 400 crazy fans. It was fun but let's try to make it upstairs the next time, shall we ? Later we went to a rock pub that we discovered on our previous visit here, this time there was also a dog called Elvis inside, it didn't seem to enjoy the noise that much so for awhile we considered adopting it and taking it with us on the bus. That would have been awesome but after some careful consideration we decided not to become dog thieves....at least not for now. 

Today I woke up kinda early (before noon) and joined Tommy, Tony and our merch-girl Laura for some breakfast. I also managed to take a short nap before me & Tony headed out to the Kerrang Radio Station for an interview. At the moment I'm waiting...for.....soundcheck. Gotta try to get some pics for this blog, I just have to figure out how to move them from my phone to the computer...since I just got a new cell...yeah !!! We'll see about that...anyhow everyone is alive and well and tomorrow we'll do London before heading home.


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  1. Jos sulla on älypuhelin, hommaa ilmainen Dropbox, kuvat voi siirtää sinne ja katsella koneella niitä ja tallentaa myös koneelle. Tuo on pilvityyppinen ratkaisu ja sitä voi käyttää melkeinpä millä laitteella vaan.

  2. Bluetooth? Dropbox? Emailing them to yourself? ;)