maanantai 3. kesäkuuta 2013

Metal Fest, Plzen, The Czech Republic, 31.5.-2.6.

The trip started with the now traditional evening flight to Helsinki and a night at the Hilton. Had a couple of beers with Elias but nothing majestic, so to speak. In the morning we got up at around 0700 for breakfast before heading to the airport and the 0935 flight to Prague. I somehow have come to realize, after all these years, that sleeping makes the flight go faster so I did just that and voilá we were about to land. Naturally we had to wait for about an hour or so for the shuttle to arrive and then it was off to Plzen. As the crew went to the festival to check out the gear etc...basically do their job ;-) The band went straight to the hotel for some R & R. Since I was hungry at this point, I convinced Marko that he also was...and so we had a nice lunch at the hotel wine restaurant. Drink, soup and pasta for around 10e/head was really cheap and on top of all the food was excellent. At the moment I'm just browsing the internet for NHL news and stupid youtube clips and waiting for the clock to turn 1800 and then it's off to the festival. We have a signing session lined up as well as the headliner show later.....let's see if we remember the songs anymore ;-) btw if you have any entertaining = stupid comedy clips please post them in the comment section so we have something to watch. Don't bother with the standup-things since there are too many of them anyway. Thanks in advance !!

I'll be back, just have to listen to some Yngwie Malmsteen right now because he fucking rules !!

..before long it was time to head to the festival. It was still raining like hell. The signing session was ok but just before the show we had some problems with the soundcard for the laptop. Appeareantly the firewire connectors on the card are not too sturdy but Ville managed to get it to work. Personal reminder: pick up the spare motu from the rehersal place before the next show. Anyways, despite having a few weeks off we managed to play a good show, and with a big stage it was really fun to run around for a change. Even to the point that I missed one soundchange because I was on the "wrong" side of the stage when I should have been changing the sound.Minor details so whatta hell. Afterwards I took some beers and cider and headed for the hotel where it was time to watch some NHL. We got there just in time to see the last 10min of LA-CHI and I even managed to stay awake for the first two periods of the BOS-PIT game, in the beginning of the third I fell asleep.

In the morning I had a quick breakfast before it was time for the 1 hour vanride, a couple of hours of waiting at the airport, check-in, lunch, a flight to Helsinki (slept the whole time again, way to go me :-) ) and some 4 hours of waiting in Helsinki, including dinner with the guys. Just after 2230 I was in the cab on my way home. This was a rainy festival but we had a good time, come to think of it we also played at the first Metal Fest in 2010...that time with a hellish sunshine and during a really hot day. Well, things change.

next up: Sweden Rock, before we have around 4 weeks of summer holiday !!


yeah yeah, I'll get some pics for the next entry...

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  1. Henry Phillips is pretty funny.

    The Loner:

    Henry's Kitchen:

    Enjoy, you guys!

  2. Dudesons/Duudsonit
    I guess you know them, but they are really funny! :)

  3. You probably saw this before:

    would .gif and images work? I mean... I spend 9 hours a day at the office, and a co-worker is one hell of entertainment provider :P (I'm not sure if he actually works...) some of them are in Spanish, but you can google-translate them :P

    This morning he sent this:
    Happy T-Rex:

    If you feel stupid, remember: some people believe that two penguins walked from Antarctica to Middle East to get on an Arc.

    Ehr... I don't know what to say about this one:

    Square 3- OMG. I'm falling!
    Square 4- I'm gonna die!
    Square 5- If you fall from the cliff, try to fly!
    Square 7- I can fly!
    Square 8- I'm Superman!

    Aaaand, if you're in the mood to read:


  4. Btw:
    I do not know if know them, but Les Luthiers are a group of five luthiers-Argentine-Comedians (best argentine comedians, to my taste). You probably enjoy this act because it's almost all music (and specially because you're a keyboard player). But you'll surely find a translated version on the internet.

    They have plenty of made instrument:

    Hope u like it! :)

  5. Haaaa if you have time:

    My Pug Loves Sonata:

  6. Okidoki then... here's some youtube crap to keep you entertained :) Lame as hell but it keeps me entertained during boring classes. This guy is pretty much a genius when it comes to movie editing, but some clips are really disturbing. WTF moments guaranteed. Random funny shit from guys who are as bored as the people watching them.

    Hope it cures some of the boredom. :)


    hey henkka... although i´m sure you´ve seen those i can never stop laughing about them so... enjoy....

  8. well here's a few in the stupid category.

    Italian Spiderman

    If reality shows were actually interesting

  9. Henkka,do you want something really vicious and stupid? I mean, if you click it, get yourself ready, because this shit won't get out of your head for a week. (Don't show it of tony, he woundn't be able to sing after this)
    Here he go!

    I hope this change your mood. Last time i saw you (São Paulo show on 10th march) you were with a hell of hate face!
    Hoping you laught!
    Cheers, Julia :D

  10. You've probably seen these already, but Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend clips are quite funny. :-)

  11. I honestly thought there were going to be dozens of comments for this post. But after seeing so little response, shyness be damned, I'll throw in my two cents. Hopefully there's something between these you guys haven't seen yet.

    Pizza man and satanic cult prank:

    Learn French with just one word! (very useful for touring people ;) ) :

    The cult hit of all our Youtube Parties - Tony Armand acts out "Torn":

    Humor for Dream Theater fans: The Spirit Carries On demo...sung by Petrucci:

    A gem from Italy's Got Talent - the Prince of Wind:

    The Ding Dong Song as acted by two incredibly intense kids:

    Bizarre Japanese lessons of important English:

    A guy who's very good with the vibraphone...and his cat:

    Pong shots(inspiration for boring backstages?):

    The best scenes from the Wicker Man remake (NOT THE BEES!!):

    aaand the best scene of any movie, ever:

    Hope there's something there that'll keep you guys entertained :)