maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2013

Sweden Rock, Sölvesborg, Sweden, 5.6.-7.6.

Fast and effective, it's what this short trip is all about. After just two days at home it was time to head out again. With the looming 4 weeks off after this, it was absolutely no problem at all to get my stuff together and head towards the Kemi-Tornio airport. In the morning I made a quick visit to the rehersal place to pick up our spare soundcard, just in case. This first day would be all about travel and trying not to get bored. At 1350 our flight to Helsinki left, and at 21:45 we continued to Copenhagen...after which there was still a 190km drive to the hotel in...well, ok I admit, I have no idea. A good nights sleep...well of course I stayed up and watched the PIT-BOS game...anyways up it was at 0800 and to breakfast in order to get going for what would prove
to a long but interesting day.

A quick 45min drive to the festival and then it was time to start the work. We all did some interviews and the highlight of the morning for me was when me & Tony did an interview with Ian the drummer of Europe. I didn't know that he works at a radio station. Nevertheless it was a lot of fun. Soon enough it was time to hit the stage and since we were the first band on the main stage I was a bit worried that nobody would show up, after all the showtime was at 1330 or something. No need to worry though, the field was full of people and I think a lot of them didn't know us, which of course is always cool. So for 75min and under a really hot  sun we did our set.  Afterwards we had some massages and did a signing session, dinner and then we were kicked out of our backstage (since we were using the one reserved for Kiss during the day) and it was time for the 2h vanride to Copenhagen airport. This time it was a bit more fun 'cause we still had some beers left from the backstage.....eventually we got to the airport, found our terminal and check-in, security check, a quick drink and then off to Helsinki to which were we arrived at around 0130 in the morning. 

Wake up at 0800 again...almost missed the flight back home because our tickets said that it would leave at 0900, then those fuckers moved the flight to 0835 and didn' t inform us about it. I think Tony's bag was left behind but otherwise we managed got get on the flight, get home and start our summer vacation (of which we haven't had a proper version since...I don't know...ever). So now we're off for 4 weeks and then it's time to play the final shows on this World Tour.


btw almost forgot, this was the last show for the time being for Mehtis our drumtech. He'll be off with Leningrad Cowboys and whatnot so....arrivederci dude and for the rest of the summer Masi will be back,

see you in a couple of weeks mate !!

thanks for all the youtube-clips, I'll get back to them when I get out on the road again with lots of time to kill, and I'll be sure to comment on them as well....and here are a couple of stupid pics again: 

So much for linearety, on the bridge from Malmö to Copenhagen, driving

Elias being happy @Helsinki-Vantaa airport just before leaving for the show...

Ville being happy in the Van on our way back towards Copenhagen...

Our backstage part 1: Marko's tent

Our backstage part 2: My half of the trailer I shared with Tommy

The setlist with a suspicious card....ei oo rahasta kii !!

Our backstage part 3: Tony's and Elias trailer...this was as close
as I was allowed to get to it.... :-)

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  1. Aw, we were hoping Elias got to meet Kiss! But I guess using their backstage is good enough! ;)

    Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Henkka, thanks for sharing all these thought and pics, I really loved the fact you put the setlist, I wish you could do it everytime!! Well, at least when there are some changes in it!

  3. Henkka we will miss you !
    Good vacation (finally, huh?)