torstai 11. heinäkuuta 2013

Torin Rytmit, Hyvinkää, Finland, 10.7.-11.7.

Ahoy !

After our summer holiday it's time to once again do a quick, "grab the beers & run"- show. Wonder why it seems to be like this all the time these days. Be that as it may, we're up for the last 7 shows on this world tour. 3 in July and 4 in August. Flew down to Helsinki in the morning, got picked up for a lunch  at a local Greek restaurant, which was very good indeed, later we had a meeting with our manager and around 1500 it was time to drive to Hyvinkää and try to find the venue, which was going to be a big tent.  Found it and spent the day lurking around the backstage. We had one more business meeting set up and we also chatted a bit with some friends of our and so on... Had some nice festival-meatballs, watched Rockstar perform for awhile (good band but really shitty sound) and at 2100 we hit the stage with a short 70min set. Basically we did the same set as in Sweden Rock. 

I actually managed to fuck up in the beginning of Last Amazing Grays. In the song before (The Gun) I looked at the setlist to see what was up next and it said The Day (we have been doing those songs back to back for quite some time now). I put the sounds on for the day and then Tony says: This song is a wolf song, or something like that and when the count-off started I checked the setlist again and there was no The Day marked on there. So, after realizing that my eyes played a trick on me, I quickly switched the setup to the right one and joined the band halfway through the intro....well, shit happends ;-) After the show we had to retreat really quickly since our train left from Riihimäki (some 10km away) about an hour after we got off stage. Changed our shirts, grabbed some drinks from the backstage and headed for the train. So much for that it's again a couple of weeks off before the final 6 shows of this tour, and in case someone still wonders, unless something really special comes along, there will be no more shows added to this tour and the next time you'll be able to see us it with the new album in 2014.

until Slovenia,

Ps.Didn't have the time to check all youtube clips yet, but I'll give it a shot next time, also didn't take any pics from this run...better luck next time.

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  1. I so wish I could have come, I would have loved to see a last show. Damn festivals in the middle of the week! Guess I'll see you guys in 2014.....or earlier, depending on what your various side projects are doing *hint hint* ;)

  2. Hope you guys are doing good, Sounds like you guys have alot of fun touring. Hope you guys have fun making a new album. And if you do tour in 2014 like a North America tour you guys should try to come to Denver, Colorado. You guys have been my favorite band since 2007, seeing you guys live last year december 17th 2012 was just so unreal. I couldn't believe that after 5 years of listening to music and watching videos i finally saw you guys playing live and just a few feet away. I know one person can't say please come back to denver. But i'm trying haha. Anyways Take care Henkka. From Jimbo Rodriguez

  3. I hope you will be back playing in the north of Finland some time soon because my son has been looking forward to go to one of your concerts for two years now (he was too young to go with me the last time you performed in Kemi) and sadly I can't afford the tickets to Satama Open Air right now. A show in Tornio, or even further north, without an age limit would be greatly appreciated!