tiistai 29. tammikuuta 2013

Scandinavia: Copenhagen 26.1.

The "let's be idiots on stage" -thing continued yesterday and once again we had a really good time. Thanks a lot Sweden....and today it's time for the last show on this leg. Yesterday I didn't join the bar patrol but stayed at the hotel instead and watched some NHL games until the early morning hours. Nice change of pace but I think I'll have to go out a bit tonight, to make up for it ;-)

Right now we're driving towards Denmark with some hours still to go. Next week we'll be doing Helsinki and Russia before we head over to Japan....and as you've probably seen we'll be enjoying the warm weather of South-America next month. After that it's time for the festival season and come fall the plan is to get back into the studio and hammer out another album...we'll see how everything works out but at least this is the rough plan.

...as I didn't post this before I got home: The show and the party in Copenhagen were awesome and we'll try our very best to be back a bit sooner than last time (If I recall correctly we played in Denmark back in 2004 and now in 2013...so let's narrow the gap in the future). Thank you all for last week and
we'll be back on the road, starting tomorrow in Helsinki !!!


4 kommenttia:


    But, isn't warm now, and it's raining A LOT!!!

    New album??? OMG!

  2. New album? Thank you guys for not waiting 3 years this time between two albums!!! Love you! :)

  3. Finally in Colombia :D it`s been a long time waiting...

  4. Russia, Japan and then South America...
    ..I can imagine the nightmare of prepearing such luggage...

    Have fun! :)