lauantai 2. helmikuuta 2013

Russia: Moscow 2.2.2013

Hello there music lover :-)

So we're back on the road after a short 3 days at home. First up was an early flight to Helsinki last Thursday in order to play at Virgin Oil Company. We hadn't played there before, ok venue, the crowd enjoyed it and of course we had to get wasted at the Bäkkäri Bar once again, so nothing new here. A good day at the office :-)
The next morning (well around 2 in the afternoon) we got kicked out from the hotel and went to our managements office to chat with Niko and steal some drinks...namely Campari....actually it was kindly offered to us so no reason to get upset :-)

Later we had time to check out the HRC in Helsinki. It was like every other one all around the world....but I had a caipirinha just to refresh my memory and get ready for south-america. Around 3 hours later we boarded the train to Moscow. Booze, movies and stupid jokes was the theme for the evening.  At some point it was time to get a couple of hours of sleep before the 0800 wake up call and morning tea. (yeah I said it, tea). At the Moscow railway station we were met by some fans, signed some stuff and took some pics. A short busride later we checked into the Radisson Blu and had some breakfast, which was really fucking great, I might add. I slept for some hours in my room and then got my shit together and we headed to the venue.We haven't played the Milk Club before but it seems like a nice place, good big stage and decent backstage. After the soundcheck we had dinner and then it was time to do shoot some jingles for our upcoming South-American tour. At the moment we're chilling backstage and in about an hour we'll get onstage. I'll try to get some pics for you but at the moment I'm too lazy for it.


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  1. We very much enjoyed it. ;) I'm so happy you sneaked in one last Finnish show before leaving so thanks for that. And the venue was pretty cool from our side, even if the sound was a little meh...

  2. I so totally agree that we really enjoyed it...

    1. I must add here, this was my first show ever. So it was very special experience. Thank you guys! All of you!

  3. Seconds HMQ. And special thanks to Tommy, Elias and Tony :)