sunnuntai 18. elokuuta 2013

Festival de la Foire aux Vins, Colmar, France 14.8.-19.8. (including Rockova Ostrava, Czech rep. w/Silent Voices)

Wednesday 14.8.- Travel Day
So, it's time to leave for the last show of the festival season as well as the last show of the Stones Grow Her Name World Tour. It's been a lot of fun with the occasional hassle but hey, life on the road, it ain't for everyone. Anyways, the start of this trip was as usual, the evening flight to Helsinki 'cause the next morning it was again time to get up early, at 0400 to make it to the 0630 flight.

Thursday 15.8.- Travel & Show Day
Early wake up for those who went to sleep. Sleeping on the plane, then a changeover and some more sleep. From Basel we were picked up and went straight to the festival. Pretty much your average day, with the exception of the short 60min set. Afterwards we had some dinner and drinks at the hotel. It was a bit weird to end the tour at a festival and not on our own the tourending party was also more on the mellow side.

Friday 16.8. - Travel Day
Up in the morning and after the basic airport-things we got to Helsinki....from which I took one of my other keyboards and checked in to my next flight. I had one more festival with my other band Silent Voices to take care of before going home. Maybe not the smartest idea but I like to play so...why not ? I met up with Teemu (voc) and J-P (drums) at the airport...they had been enjoying the nice patio and quite a few drinks but we managed to get them both on the plane. Upon arrival in Krakow, Poland...we took a cab to the hotel and then to the city as well. Had some beer and walked around before it was time to call it a night....and prepare for a really interestingly organized festival. We were told that someone would pick us up in the morning, whatever that might mean it was time to sleep.

Saturday 17.8. - Show Day
Nobody came in the morning, but in the early afternoon we got a ride....we also picked up Kreator from the airport before a 2 hour drive to Ostrava....and that's were it got interesting. Upon arrival we were asked to put up the gear and start playing but since our guitarist and drummer were still at the hotel waiting for a ride it didn't happend. After a day without backstage and including general disorganisation = chaos, we finally hit the stage just after Kreator and before Tim " Ripper" Owens...nice slot and people actually seemed to enjoy the show as well. Waited around for some of our dudes to finish with Ripper before getting to the hotel and go to sleep. This was a really chaotic, long and tiresome day...luckily the show rocked.

Sunday 18.8 & Monday 19.8.. - Travel Day
Naturally we did have some truble again with getting a shuttle to the airport since the driver was too wasted to do it. After some phone calls and more chaos we got someone to pick us up and managed to get to the airport. After a late night flight into Helsinki it was time to enjoy the confort of the airport floor since my return flight home was in the morning...since Teemu & J-P were taking the train that also didn't leave until morning we hung out together before they took the cab and I went to the plane, got home...took a quick shower and  then it was time to meet up with Tony to check out some rehersal spaces for our album-rehersals which would start in a couple of weeks...but that's another story....



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