tiistai 13. elokuuta 2013

Some summer photos 3/3: Vagos

It was very hot in Vagos so instead of taking pics from the standard festival backstage, I delight you
with some pics from the beach-day and from the trip home...

I was shocked to find out that euroshopper makes portwine...luckily the store was closed....

Palm trees, always when you see them you have to take a pic...pretty amazing
that they managed to grow up through the pavement don't you think ?

The lighthouse or someones ode to a cock...

...getting a bit lost here, as you can see I have a new shirt...and look like I'm going 
bald...which is not actually the case...at least not yet...shit I'll have to go and check
something in the mirror...brb...

Getting ready to swim, or something...

Here's the proof that our biggest winter dude was at the beach
as well and enjoying it ....got ya bro !!

Hats, sunglasses, beards....our job here is done so we head out home...

Between Ville and me there was this huge middle seat....luckily no one tried to sit there this

Finally, at the lounge we had some drinks with Elias and in one of the chips bags we found some 
tattoos...when 30+ dudes gets excited about removable kids tattoos you know that something is going
on. (...since we both have two kids and there was just two tattoos we decided to use them ourselves, 
see ? we're not totally self-indulgent pricks all the time)

Elias chose the dolphin....

...while I got stuck with the star, sorry about the blurry pic but it's hard to take a decent pic
when you're crying in disappointment over not getting the dolphin..


2 kommenttia:

  1. Dude, Elias got the wimpy dolphin and you got the badass ninja star, I think it's clear who actually won this. ;)

  2. At the Pizza Restaurante, I told you, you should go on a boat trip at the lagoon... ahahah. And still, why not? It's awesome :p
    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the Pasta I made to you. \m/