tiistai 13. elokuuta 2013

Some summer photos part 2/3: At the mystery cabin & Wacken

Some off-day pics and then a few from wacken, there was of course a lot of shit that I should have
gotten on camera at the biggest metal festival in the world but sometimes you just want to enjoy yourself...which I bet we all did.

The workers chilling at what turned out to be a long "coffee"-break...

The boss, Ari, doing all the work...this is kinda fucked up, right ?

The chairs me & Miika spent almost two days in, the only way Ari got us up is when he took the
chainsaw and cut that stump of a tree into pieces, talking about disturbing the peace...

...and of course the view we were looking at while listening to Mr.Merrows guitar playing

@wacken, Elias raving about the beer-machine or whatever it's called, that you can see on his
right side...

Last time I took a pic with Lordi was in 2003, we didn't know each other that well back then, this time
it's a lot different.. I don't envy him (or is it called it ?) at all for having to wear that thing during the hot summer day....well he wasn't complaining so...

Just one of the friends I bumped into while watching the NW show, cheers Bas !!

I nice touch with the Marshall fridge in the backstage... Coolio...


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  1. Just when I thought nothing was working anymore, you upped the ante on cheering me up. I mean, not to be a creepy fangirl or anything (sorry sorry sorry) but thank you, um, for that picture. And all three updates, really. They put a smile on my face at last. I love you guys so much. :)