tiistai 13. marraskuuta 2012

European Tour: In France 13.11.

Still alive it seems. At the moment we're in Lille,France...appeareantly Tony & Tommy were here 12 years ago on the Stratovarious tour.....laying the groundwork. Let's see how tonight will turn out. Since my last entry we did a killer show in Tilburg and consequently checked out Europe at the Matrix in Bochum the next day and...yeah you guessed it...got totally blasted. Europe put on a really good show and it was really amazing to hear some of my old favourites as well as their newer stuff. The next day it was Fathers Day (at least in Finland) so we celebrated it by getting a cake. (actually our TM Lars got it....thanks man !!!). The shows in Bochum and Ashaffenburg were cool. In Bochum we also had time to talk a bit to Ralf who did our monitors on the South-American Tour back in....2010 I think ? You've probably seen him in the South-Am. Tourdocumentaries....Masa an old friend and star in the new European Tour Documentaries also showed up and spread his joy to all of us. That pretty much brings us up 'til tonight and were we're at right now. After tomorrows show in Paris we'll be halfway through the tour.....time flies it seems like. By the way in addition to the old 80's party music and this falls hit Lana Del Ray I've also been enjoying a tv-series called Eastbound & Down...might not be for everyone but if you're not too sensitive..check it out. We also played a couple of games of NHL12 in the front Lounge with Ville our MON guy a couple of nights ago so the entertainment part of my days are starting to take over. I brought some Bukowski books out as well but so far I've only looked at the cover....and I think it might stay that way.....nice cover anyways :-)

.....gotta go and have dinner now, just back from dinner, at some point a friend of mine suggested that I'd make comments about our dinners during the tour...well, since 90% of the time or more there's chicken and pasta or rice so....eventually it ends up being too much :-)

Got a bunch of pics from Tommy, will upload them tomorrow if the internet is faster than today. Keep
your thumbs up !!!


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  1. I really like the new style a lot. It sounds more...well, like you. :)

    The image of you guys and 80ies party music is one that will not leave for a long while. LOL

  2. hey henkka!
    glad to hear that Tilburg was a killer show for you guys as well... to me it was a night in heaven.. as usual at a sonata gig :P The evening went by too darn fast!
    Hope to see you guys soon again!

    Greetz, Linda

  3. Hey guys ! Hope you had fun in Lille! The show was amazing and we really hope that your next show here won't be in 12 years :) A big thanks to you Henkka, you gave me the setlist at the end of the show! And thanks to the whole band for the pictures and autographs after the show. God luck for the rest of the tour

  4. Hi!!!! Thanks for telling us things about you are on tour! Would you post something about your performance in Barcelona last Saturday=? Do you remember me? http://i50.tinypic.com/29xhh54.jpg ( This photo was taken by a friend of mine in the morning, next time I'll try to speak to you more than I did... It was the first time I saw you and I didn't think you'd be as closer as you are to people thanks!