maanantai 26. marraskuuta 2012

European Tour: In Budapest 25.11.

Hi There,
we're still alive in case someone is wondering. The show in Pratteln was my show no.600 withSonata Arctica. Unbeliavable how fast time flies. Other than that the show was cool,as most of the shows have been on this tour. In Milano the next day, we once again got to enjoy the unbeliavable loud Italian fans.Next up was another travelday, riding on the bus for about 16 hours or something before we arrived in Zlin for the Masters of Rock Festival. On the night of arrival we went out for dinner in a local mexican steak house. Somehow it seemed impossible to get the orders right, or at least get something for everyone. You know that something is fucked when some of the party are eating dessert and someone else didn't get any food at all for the first 2 hours. The food was great for those of us who got it but the service was horrible.
...anyways, nothing a few drinks couldn't fix so......

At the Masters of Rock, I wanted to watch Cradle of Filth but they stopped their set after about 30min appeareantly their keyboard player had foodpoisoning and was rushed to the emergency spot or something, puking and whatnot....get well !!!  Right now we just finished soundcheck and are waiting for dinner and the the show tonight, I have no clue how many times we're been to Budapest but it must be over 10 by now.

Anyways, as you can see we're all pretty much starting to get ready to head home and get some rest,as we have 5 days off before the US tour which will last until Christmas. Nevertheless, our spirits are
still high and we're looking forward for tonight.


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  1. I was looking forward for last night, too, and I got my biggest concert experience of my life from you last night. It was the 6th time I saw you playing in Budapest but I can tell you, you are more and more amazing every time. Loved the whole show... never will forget it..
    Have a good journey home, take care! :-)

    Anna from Budapest

  2. Hi!

    I'm from Hungary, and would have been really looking forward to the show in Budapest... but I'm in Japan right now as an exchange student. I was f*cking happy though, when I saw that you are coming to Japan!!! (Although because of some school stuff I can only go to the gig in Osaka, and have to travel through half the country, but that doesn't really matter if I can see SA in live...)

    And here is one request from me, maybe you can make it happen:
    I saw the setlists of the Europian shows and noticed that you're not playing 'Somewhere Close to You'. That was my favorite song of the new album, (I liked all the songs, but this one's so beautifully chaotic that listening to it is sort of like having a 'mental orgasm'...) so if you played it in Japan, I would love Sonata even more! (If that's possible.) :)))

    Take care!