keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2012

European Tour: Marching Out !!

Friday 2.11. -  Travel Day
Flyday, Kemi-Helsinki-Warsaw....Ya wanna hear about how we got on the plane,
had a few drinks, waited for the luggage and took the next plane, got to the bus
had some drinks...dinner...sleep....Fucking Hell, at least I'm bored already....and it's 
not of the touring, but the storytelling in this blog is starting to repeat itself. Maybe 
because that's how our days are on tour. Always different but still the same. To
make it clear, this is what the next month will look when we have a showday:

10:00-16:00 Wake up, hangover or feeling great,eating. chilling backstage
or taking a walk...hell there might even be some physical excersises.
around 16:00 soundcheck
after that dinner
and then... interviews or a nap 
showtime 21-23 or something ....then some drinks, aftershowfood and meeting fans. or
0200-morning the bus leaves for the next show

Anyways what I'm getting at is that I really don't want to tell you the same fucking story 20 times for this tour....the offdays are of course and exception. They'll probably look like this

0900-1500  got up and checked into a hotel
1500-midnight rested had dinner and drinks. what should we do ? There will absolutely be a lot of amazing moments on this tour. There'll be some downers as well. Waiting for those moments between I ate and I took a shit is a waste of everybodys time so I think we should go a different route this time. I'll be sure to mention any anormalities to the days but otherwise, let's focus on honouring the late Dr.Thompson, Hunter S. that is. Let's go deep down into the pain and explore something else, the world bubbling underneath. Scared ? Yeah,me too, let's see what happends......the tickets are free but the ride is not. I hereby declare the hunting season opened. What ? Exactly. Duck motherfucker :-)


5 kommenttia:

  1. You're going to go full gonzo on this blog. This fills me with so much glee you can't even imagine it. That's why I adore you, man.

  2. Well, You're bored but I assure You that Polish fans loved the show and didn't expect You all to go out to sign stuff and take pictures (even though we nearly starved to death when waiting almost 3 hours for You guys xD). I'm sorry that the day went so casual- next time I will arrange some drunk Polish hobo to attack You before leaving the venue, ok? xD

  3. Hahaha tour routine, Henkka! Relax!
    We love the ''same fucking history''! I hope that in South America, you have fun ... I really want to bring you back here next year!


  4. Hi! Only for Marko's fans: Tanks for visit!

  5. I guess I like reading the same over and over, then. You better write at least 3x a month or I will be very upset! :)

    hope you guys will come to Curitiba, Brazil, again!