tiistai 20. marraskuuta 2012

European Tour:In Stuttgart 20.11.

So what's been going on ? It's been a week since I last posted something so I'll have to check my calendar. We played in La Bataclan in Paris where Dream Theater filmed part of their 5 years in a Livetime DVD which was cool. During the day we went out for dinner and managed to come across somekinda gun-shop which was very interesting indeed. The following night and day we drove straight to Madrid and spent part of the evening underground at a Parking Place....evetually it was too much and we found some kinda crazy rock bar and went nuts. On the 16.11. we played in Madrid, as Dragonforce were also playing there on the same day we talked about meeting at some point (or I talked with Vadim about it at Loud Park Japan)....anyways we failed to do it and I went out to eat with Marko and Kapanen instead. Just a couple of hours before the show I started to feel "normal" again, appeareantly our party last night was a bit too much.....or a lot too much in fact. Barcelona the next day was our shopping day for this tour and our merchguy Larry took us out to a shoppingmall were we picked up stuff to bring back home. Me and Tommy managed to eat at a local pub or something....3,90 for a hamburger with fries is not much but I wouldn't have paid more...it was really shit :-) ...unlike the audience in Barcelona who kept chanting for us to come back, long after the show was over....you'll see it in the latest episode of the tourdocumentaries:


As soon as we had driven to Lyon it was time again to enjoy the off-day. This time around it was a bunch of confusing taxi-rides, and too much wine as well as to monkey-suited drivers. After a short visit at a bar it was time to end the evening with some red-wine at the bus. The morning was not as shaky as after the last off-day so maybe I'm learning something. The show in Lyon went on withouth any bigger confusion and at the moment we're in Stuttgart and waiting for the show to started.

Tomorrow in Pratteln it my 600th show with the band.I can hardly wait :-)


ps.I'll get some pics from Tommy later to show you guys.

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  1. which local pub was the awful one? Taberna Sonora? or another one? just to not go there anymore lol

  2. and i remember your first gig with SA and some chilikossu after that..

  3. Woooowww! 600 shows, Henkka!!!! Congratulations! ♥

  4. Im glad to hear Im not the only person who hates local burgers in Barcelona. Its been a decade since I made that mistake, still remember it.