perjantai 14. joulukuuta 2012

North-America: Detroit 14.12.

What a great day for a hangover, don't you think ? Since Toronto we've been to Pittsburgh, where I spent most of the day in front of the computer doing business....quite boring I might add. At the moment everything is pretty much worked out except for some final edits for our 3:rd video from this album. And no, I won't tell you which song it is but it'll be out in the forseeable future. During Losing my insanity in Pittsburgh, Elias guitar went out of tune and when he run to the side of the stage to change it, he stepped on my soundswitching pedal and made me fuck up as well....haha, we almost got lost which was interesting for a change :-) Other than that I don't remember any major mishaps during these past few shows. In Cleveland we played at the Peabody's for the 4th or 5th time, I don't remember.....and I'm too lazy to check it online, so there you go: the bloody truth :-)

At the moment I'm waiting for the soundcheck, just ordered dinner and thinking about going across the street to get some white wine for tonight. I'll probably do it a bit later....or have someone do it for me yeah !!


...just read about the shootings in Connecticut. What the fuck is wrong with people ?

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  1. Really hope you'll be in this video at least. So far there hasn't been a track record with that :P

    (I'll try not to end up fighting about it with Make this time. I'll be good I swear. But please make it good? Please?)

  2. also people are insane. I hate having so many friends in crazy places where I can't protect them. :(

  3. Fox fucking news. And oh hey, CNN. Apparently they really don't give a shit about the consequences of their articles. They put a completely innocent man's face and name up as the "confirmed" man behind the shootings. And he's gotten tons of death threats. Ryan Lanza isn't guilty, Adam Lanza is. I think they've since corrected it, but that doesn't change the fact that they ran it before checking facts. Actually it seems like all of the major news outlets did this to him.

  4. This made me hurt inside! I must hug my boys even tighter and pray for the fallen.

    I saw you in Canada and it was awesome! Thank you for the show and the hug! I ended up seeing you guys by myself and under somber circumstances, so thank you for bringing a calm hour and half into an otherwise dismal Toronto stay. My niece was mugged and went missing the night before and her purse was stolen. I had no idea what had happened to her, only that she was attacked walking back alone to the hotel from dinner at HRC around 9, knocked upside the head and out cold till the next morning. Toronto police told me to go to the venue and that she would probably be there. Still out with friends she met at the mall, maybe partying. I wandered around there in the day thinking she had gone to see you guys and talked to James of Arsis. He was kind enough to take my number and call if he saw her and even made an announcement during the set, but she wasn't there :( needless to say, I was partly pissed, worried mostly and after the show got back to a message from the South African consulate to call the police. I found her! Taxi to hospital and terrified what I would find! She is okay, bad bruising and a hairline fracture, concussion and swelling, but alive and okay. We are going home tomorrow, her back to South Africa next week to recoup with my mum. It was awesome to see you guys. I have many times and always loved it. I waited out to see everyone for the first time because I wasn't with my hubby, but mostly needed to see familiar faces. I suppose it was just needed being by myself, worried and not knowing what happened to our girl. Anyway, thank you again! Please pass on to Tony my thanks for his many hugs, they very needed and apologize for taking his bag of goodies for me. I was a touch scatterbrained and have no idea how I ended up back with it.

    Mia (Edmonton, Johannesburg)