sunnuntai 9. joulukuuta 2012

North-America: Springfield, 9.12

Nothing changes but the name !!

So at the moment we're somewhere on a closed down mall parking lot. How exciting ;-)  In Worcester (
yeah I learned how to spell it now) we had a really cold show, during which I checked the temperature
with our guitar tech and movie star Tero. The readout was 12,5 degrees celcius (54,5 fahrenheit) during the intro of Replica. Just before soundcheck a CO2 fire estinguisher ( the hell do you spell that anyway ?) tipped over, broke down and shot all over the room, triggered the fire alarm and all of a sudden we had no power and the place was crowded by firemen. Interesting. After the show and showers we headed on towards West Chester. It was the smallest stage on this tour but the crowd was very into it and it turned out to be another great night on tour. Showers at a nearby hotel and off we go, which brings us to this moment.


Got a couple of pics from Tommy I'll upload them if I get a decent connection someday :-)

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  1. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  2. Extinguisher ;) And I hope you guys didn't breathe too much of that shit.

    And I hear you on the shitty connection D: what do you guys use on tour anyway? Just the venue internet or mokkulas for everywhere? I've always wondered! (is it a stupid thing to wonder about..?)