perjantai 7. joulukuuta 2012

European Tour: The last days, getting home and back out

Hola chicas,
So we did two more shows in Europe, first off was Vienna and then Munich. In Vienna  they served some traditional type-christmas food thing....whatever it was it didn't really work for me and subsequently I felt a little powerless during the end of the show. Well, nevertheless it got done and the audience was pretty excited so I guess everyone was happy at the end of the day. Munich of course being the last show on the tour was a bit out of hand. Before the Battle Beast show, Janne their keyboardist did a dance show dressed up at Darth Vader, with a couple of his friends  joining in as well. Funny as hell, I don't know what's wrong with those keyboard players ? During our show everything went quite ok, at the beginning of Replica Tony decided to sing this penis-song that he picked up online some time ago and during my keyboard solo in Cinderblox, I was suprised to see that Janne and Pyry from BB were dancing behind me, dressed only in their boxers. Good times :-)

We spent a few days at home, enought to wash the dirty laundry and show my face to the kids....and soon it was time again to head out to what will be the last tour this year. As you all know we'll be in the States until Christmas. Put your thumbs up and let's hope that we survive ;-)
Last night we flew into Helsinki and after a short meeting with our manager it was time again for Bäkkäri Bar and getting smashed.Done.Great. At the moment I'm on the flight from Helsinki to New York and we have about 1,5 hours left. I'll post this whenever and try to get some pics from Tommy if there's some left from the European Tour. I'll also try to keep this up during the tour but as it looks now yours truly is getting a bit tired and you never know what will happend...I might even take some pics myself :-) However I'm pretty sure that Tony will be doing his daily least I hope so.

Anyways, let's find out what kind of drinks they have left in this fucking plane, at least the red and white wines are out. Wonder who's been drinking it all, it wasn't me.....I think.


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  1. Guys, please, try not to get horridly sick as you usually get in the US, okay? Especially you, Henkka. Other than that, have a fun US tour! And yes it would be nice to see some pics from you too :P