perjantai 7. joulukuuta 2012

North-America: Worchester, 7.12.

What's up ?
Managed to get off the plane and into the US without too much hassle. Naturally our busdriver was at the wrong airport so we had to wait for a couple of hours or something before we got to board our home for the next two weeks. The first night was spent in Manhattan, food...drinks...the whole 9 yards. Woke up in the bus in New Jersey so appeareantly we got home ok. After some breakfast and showers it was time to drive back into NYC and go to the venue. Our day was spent walking around in the city, having dinner, exchanging money and whatnot. In the evening we played the first show on this tour. As it was the Finnish independence day we used Finlandia instead of our usual introtape. Being that it's about 7 minutes long it was a bit much but whattahell, it only happends once a year if we have a show on that day so, you'll live with it right ?

There were no showers at the venue so as you can imagine we're a smelly bunch at the moment. Luckily there are some showers here at the Palladium so as soon as I get this done I'll hit that. During the busride last night we got pretty hammered for a change but I guess it's just something we can't change.....and why should we ? So as said, at the moment we're in Worchester and tonight will be the second show of this tour, we changed the setlist a bit since Europe because we couldn't take our acoustic guitars with us. Last night we played The Last Amazing Grays and Last drop falls instead of that.....and Elias had a solo thing as well. We'll see if there will be further changes along the road but as it looks now, those are the songs we'll be using for this tour....blah blah......gotta go. Keep it real...or something along those lines...


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  1. Hey Henkka, great to hear you guys back! Have a great time in the USA, and keep us updated! It's always interesting (at least for me( to see what songs you're gonna play during the tour and all the things related to it! Cheers from Italy! \m/

  2. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  3. Will you be changing the setlist for the Scandinavian tour? It's been pretty much the same since summer festivals, would be great to hear something different next year. :-) As nice as The Last Amazing Grays & Last Drop Falls are, something fresh and surprising would be even nicer. Hope you have a great tour!

  4. Henkka, the NYC show was insane I waited 3 years to see you guys and it totally paid off! It was great talking to you and the guys before the show! I caught your towel you threw out by the way :-D hope you guys come back soon and have a rockin' tour!

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING TO MASSACHUSETTS. (Next time try Boston, it's a nicer city) I've wanted to see you guys play live for the longest time and had the time of my life at the Palladium last night. Love that you do stuff from all albums all the time. It was so cold in there I don't know how you kept your fingers moving fast enough. Anyway Bravo, have an awesome tour, happy Holidays, and keep making ear-gasmic music!

  6. Thanks so much for the amazing performance in Worcester!!! It was far beyond amazing, more perfect than I imagined. Definitely one of the best times of my life. I know you must hear all this from everyone, but I've waited forever to see you guys live, and I'll be eagerly waiting until you return to Massachusetts! Good luck on your tour, hope it's one of the bests yet :D And I hope you have a very happy (and restful) holidays!

  7. Please! DON'T forget your acoustic guitars when you come to Brazil! HAHAHA