keskiviikko 12. joulukuuta 2012

North-America: Toronto 11.12.

Wassap ?

Still alive and we even managed to get across the border to Canada. Last Sunday we got to play at the Empire...formerly know as Jaxx.During the day I went shopping for wine with Tony and later I did some programming, fine tuning some keyboard shit. Appeareantly I was a bit tired because during the show I realized that some of the sounds were in the wrong key...shit. It was a quick fix to edit about 10 sounds, the first ones during losing my insanity which made me stop playing for about 12 bars or something. The rest I fixed during Tony's speech about....actually I have no idea what he was talking about....anyways, interesting things happend when you least expect it :-) the moment everything should be working ok, I just checked it during the soundcheck. Yesterday we had an offday, we just drove across the border (got some Baileys and Chivas from the duty-free shop :-) ) and stopped somewhere at some mall...I still don't know where it was...somewhere in Canada....after having drinks and dinner and trying to avoid to shop too much crap, some of us managed to do it, others didn't.....we had a couple of ciders at an Irish Bar. Later we drove the bus to our hotel parking lot and spent the rest of the night drinking, dancing and listening to music. In the morning we drove to the Opera House where we're right now. Just finished doing an interview with Marko and soon it'll be time to get changed and ready for the show. For those of you who have been missing the tourdocumentaries from Tony, don't worry...he's on it and has many episodes done already...just waiting to be uploaded when we find some internet that actually works :-)

Anyways, business as usual and we now have 5 shows in a row before the chaotic end with driving off day in Vegas and the grande finale in LA. Let's see how this goes and remember to have a good time all the time !!!!


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