lauantai 2. maaliskuuta 2013

Latin-America: Mexico photos 2.3.

Hola, only boring people are bored....and right now I am, so I tested my new phone and it's
camera which is not really too good but whatta fuck, got nothing better to do right now anyway :-)

This is my casa until tomorrow afternoon when we leave for Costa Rica....

...and in case you wonder what I'm listening to I just went through, two Mötörhead albums, No sleep 'til hammersmith and Orgasmatron as well as Parts of the process by Morcheeba, at the moment I'm checking out Murderballads by Nick Cave but it's a bit too depressing for me right now so I'll better start watching some NHL hightlights before I loose it completely......

...and of course the obligatory window-view picture, 7th floor and a lot of big windows which is nice. Can't wait to get onstage already.....later...


4 kommenttia:

  1. Just 5 days left! see you in loCombia and good look tonight :D

  2. Thank you so much for the show last night, it was mind blowing, seriously. You guys are great.
    It was my first SA concert ever and I was left totally speechless. Keep the spirit, you rock! :D

  3. See you in three days in Medellín, Colombia, for the firsth time