maanantai 18. maaliskuuta 2013

Latin-America: Paraguay and the another nice travel day 14.3.

So, yeah interesting ok, nice not so much. During the day we just hanged around the hotel = honestly I was just sleeping off my hangover so no idea what happend. Moving on. When we arrived at the venue we found out that the promotor had this great idea of us playing outdoors with no roof and the PA behind the band. Our TM called it off, and that's what he's paid to do, we really can't afford to blow our equimpent in case of rain and on top of that: the way the stuff ways setup about 50% of the audience would not have heard anything except reflections. So the end result was that we were moved inside to a smaller venue. So, the conditions were now ok and the audience excited but personally I was really not happy with how things turned out = 200 fans with tickets couldn't get in. We don't approve of this kind of behaviour. Sucks ass. Next time I hope our local promotor will find a way for everyone to participate. After the show we went to the hotel and met up with some fans there before making it a private party within the band, the pool, some wine ,jäger & beers....naturally we got to sleep too late and had to wake up too early....yeah I know whiny whiny little we have a really nice off-day = about 12 hours of flights, airports and busrides. I shall talk to my friends Johnny, Mr.Miller and Vino Blanco. Feelin really needed, wanted and trusted upon today ;-)
See you all tomorrow in Chile and be ready since we got this shit locked down !!!


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  1. Thanks for the great concert in Paraguay, it’s a really shame what happened :// The fans who was in the concert know that you’re amazing and professional and sorry if you were not really happy :( And we hope you come back if you want xD you know you have a lot of fans here and some of them couldn’t see you, we know you don’t have the fault because everything you do is perfect, that night you blew our minds with your songs, with tony’s voice, everything you did perfect and thanks again for making our dreams come true :D