keskiviikko 13. maaliskuuta 2013

Latin-America: Rio to Asuncion photos

...and some more bullshit photos from yours truly ;-)

Broke the door in our hotel in Rio...sorry.....

Up in the air again....

Tried to do a nice sunset shot....

What, where and when ? No idea...

Another sunsetshot that failed miserably...well you get the gist.

Funny looking clouds....or is it in my head ?

There's a storm coming....

The late night dinner and a small beer for Tero ;-)


4 kommenttia:

  1. I really enjoy this new trend of pictures from you. :)

    But what did you do to that poor door!?

  2. Please rest a lot, cos you're gonna have one of the best concert in Chile! We're waiting for you guys!!!

  3. Oh, Stella. In my opinion the best beer around here.
    Anyways, the mail... did you ever read it?, I sent it to your contact e-mail, from the official site.