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Finnish Club Tour: Kuopio, 12.10.-13.10.

Friday 12.10.- Kuopiohalli, Kuopio
So here we go probably the last show on home soil before the festivals next summer. The day started out really great, got picked up at my house around 0520 in the morning. Didn't sleep too well before that so it wasn't hard at all to pass out in my bunk in the bus. We arrived in Kuopio around noon, chilled downstairs in the bar with Tommy, waiting for Elias to arrive. At around 1500 we're leaving for the venue and soundcheck and after that it's time for another signing session at the local Levykauppa ÄX. 

                                              Just got done signing stuff :-)

I'll let you know how it goes in a bit. btw just listened through Devin Townsends Epicloud, some great shit ideed. Wasn't too surprised though, after all the man is a genius. Lately it's been a lot of Lana Del Rey, I really like the Born to Die album.... :-) Anyways I'll continue this a bit later when something happends, right now it's me, Lana and my computer with Marko sleeping in the other bed in our room. Maybe not a bad idea to charge up for the night....well.... The signing session was cool, on all of these occasions we've had a really great turnout so it's been nice.

Appeareantly we're the Home Team tonight !!!

After the signing stuff we went back to the venue for dinner. Somebody had realized the beauty of black pepper. OMG. It was good nevertheless. Before long it was time to hit the stage in front of around 1500ppl. In a 6000 capacity hall it does look a bit weird but whatta hell. We had a really good time and enjoyed playing in Finland for the last time this year. Naturally we had a hell of a tourending party in Henry's Pub.

Tommy with his favourite drummer Twist Twist (Los Bastardos Finlandeses)
                                                                        Aftershow smoking at the appropriate spot.

Saturday 13.10.-Travel Day Kuopio-Kemi
Nice fucking headache !!! Sleep, food, jä do what you can to get in shape. Left Kuopio at around 0900 and was home just before 1600. Thank you Finland. Next up Japan,Europe & America before christmas. We're ready, how about you ?


pics by Tommy

10 kommenttia:

  1. More than ready! I just hope I don't have to work when you get to Italy!

  2. Sonata Arctica written with their old font <333

  3. Kiitosta vaan Kuopiosta :D Vaikka enemmänkin olisi sakkia mahtunut, niin täytyy sanoa, että melkein nelikymppinen ainakin oli ihan fiiliksissä eturivissä :P Eikä tilaa haitannut yhtään, että amusella piti taas herätä 5.15... Seuraava työpäivä menikin ihan lauleskellessa :D

  4. Hello there ;) I got a little question - you've just finished Finnish part of tour and soon you'll hit Europe, starting in Warsaw, Poland. Will European shows be half-acoustic as in Finland, or you'll play normal electric shows? Thank you :)

    Hell I don't understand any single word here in finnish language :P

    Cheers from Poland! \m/
    Szymon Kontra.

    1. We'll play a couple of acoustic songs in the set in Europe as well :-)

  5. Mahtava keikka oli Kuopiossa! :)

    Ja kuvia sieltä keikalta: :)

  6. I've been ready for the American tour since 2010 :D so excited for it, hope we can get some acoustic songs in the set here as well! :-)

  7. Hi :) as a polish fan i want to thank you very much for the yesterdays show, you were amazing.
    Hope too see you again as fast as possible, kiitos, Jagoda:)

  8. I'm trying to contact you guys and Jouni, to talk about an event here in Brazil next year called Video Games Metal, you will come to South America?


  9. We just saw you in Berlin, it was a great concert!

    It was kinda upsetting to wait for hours in the cold to get an autogram, but nobody came. The bouncers told us to wait more, eventually you left via bus and we left without anything.

    Kinda sad. But we really enjoyed your show.