tiistai 25. joulukuuta 2012

North-America: On our way home 22.12.

A couple of days of partying in Vegas really took it out on me, nevertheless I sat in on a jam at some weird little bar, we met Vinnie Paul and took some pics.This was actually during the Sin City Sinners show on the 18th @ The Hard Rock Casino, which we hit totally by accident. By the time we got to L.A. the whole bunch didn't look to fresh anymore. Did the last show @ The Whisky (Which was sold out btw) and started to get our shit together for the long way home. Gene Simmons popped in during the evening before the show and said hi which was mighty nice I think. We pretty much left as fast as possible after the show, straight to the hotel and quick showers, from there it was time to drive to LAX and get checked in. Made it in time, without any panic...and around 5 and half hours later we're landing in NYC. I managed to sleep the whole flight so that was nice. In NYC we had some hours so there was time to eat etc. At the moment we have around 1 hour left before Helsinki, didn't sleep that much on this flight but checked out The Bourne Legacy and the new Total Recall, both were kinda ok I guess. We still have one more changeover in Helsinki and then an hour of flying to Oulu (for some reason there were no flights to our hometown today, weird ) and about an hour and a half by car to get home.......let's hope we make it, at least for now the world has not come to and end.....

cheers & Happy Holidays,

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  1. I heard about the Gene Simmons thing from a friend that was there! Elias must have been over the moon, Kiss fanboy that he is! (and I kinda envy you for meeting Vinnie Paul, it must have been nice).

    Now get some rest and let your families spoil you for Christmas. Happy holidays, to you and all the guys. (and somebody check on Make, he's jetlagged and bored and loose on facebook, lol)

  2. Happy Holidays sinulle liian Henka!