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Latin-America: Chile, Buenos Aires and going home !!

Santiago de Chile 15.3.

Last night when we arrived  I headed out with Marko. It was a bit crazy and when the bars closed we found an Opera Singer dude which with whom we went to some underground pool place and got totally smashed. Well....occasionally we still party ;-) The next day I did an radio interview in the afternoon with Marko before heading to the venue and soundcheck. I have played here a couple of times before and it's always been nice. After a short meet & greet we met the local fanclub people who gave us two beautiful leather cases one containing a bottle of red wine and the other had wineglasses in it with our names on them. Really beautiful, thanks guys. The show was once again really great and our audience really excited. I think Elias guitar rig was clipping at some point but I don't think anyone noticed. Since we had to wake up really early the next morning (leaving the hotel at 0600) I planned to go straight to bed after the show. Of course when we arrived at the hotel at around 0100 in the morning or something, the power was out. So first I couldn't get into my room...and when I finally got there I had no lights or anything. I just crashed on the bed and slept for maybe 1,5 hours before I woke up when all of a sudden the power came back on and my room was bright and shiny. Couldn't get back to sleep so I took my shower and packed some of my stuff. Back to bed for another hour or so and when it was time to go, naturally the power was gone again, so I packed the rest of my stuff in the light of my mobilephone and headed on down to the lobby.

Buenos Aires 16.3.

Another of those days when you fly in the morning and play in the evening. As soon as we got to the hotel in BA some of us went out to eat with the local promotor. A short nap back at the hotel before driving to the venue. Since we had to wake up so early we decided not to do a soundcheck....that wasn't maybe the best idea. At the beginning of the show, Tommy didn't have any click in his in-ears which caused some interesting moments....well sometimes shit happends ;-) When we got the show rolling everything was back to normal, screaming fans and enjoyable moments. Afterwards we headed to a close by Irish Bar with the promotor and had some drinks. A bunch of fans that followed us, bought us a bottle of red wine, which was a nice gesture. Thanks. Actually during this tour we have recieved so many nice gifts that I probably forgot to mention most of them. Sorry for that, your presents are hightly appreciated  !!! 

Buenos Aires 17.3.

A chance to finally sleep..so I took it :-) during the afternoon I went walking about with Punky, Flavio, Tero and Tommy. Some shopping and the best steak on this tour later it was time to get some more sleep at the hotel before the 1700 lobby call and the drive to the venue. We had a signing session lined up and then a few hours to just wait our show to start. Since this was the last show of the tour, it was a bit restless but I think we managed to keep it together somewhat well compared to what some of the tourending shows have been in the past. Afterwards we held a private party at the rooftop pool at the hotel. It was closed but since the hotel manager was a fan he let us up there anyway....realizing it was my last chance to enjoy the pool (didn't manage to do that during this whole tour) I jumped in for awhile before heading to my room and crashing.

Going home 18.3.-19.3.

Left the hotel for the airport in the afternoon and a trip home that would be Buenos Aires-Paris-Helsinki-Kemi. Checked out some movies on the plane and the usual drinks but finally in Helsinki the black hole curse striked again. Remember what I told you about the Charles de Gaulle Airport in the beginning of this tour ? We'll this time they didn't fail so we were missing a bass and an equipment case upon arrival. Luckily there's a few weeks before the UK tour so maybe we have time to get them back. At the moment I'm at the airport in Helsinki with a couple of hours before the last flight. I'll update some pics when I get home but as far as I'm concerned it's time to say Thank you all, this was awesome !!! Many flights, great shows and some hassle but we had a really good time. Until the UK tour, I'm out.


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  1. And when you do party, you do it with style ;)

    Welcome back! :)

  2. HI Henkka!!! I'm Svetlana the singer from the band from the 16th March!
    Really hope you enjoy this shows!
    And tell us if you have enjoy the wine we give Elias at the end of the gig!

    Hope to see you again soon!