keskiviikko 6. maaliskuuta 2013

Latin-America: Costa Rica, travel & Medellin, Colombia

San Jose, Costa Rica 4.3.:
so we survived the flight, actually I fell asleep and woke up just before landing so that went really well. Had a club sandwich and a couple of beers in my room as soon as we arrived at the hotel, just after midnight. It seems like it's a bit windy here...woke up around 0700 to the noise of the roof falling down on me. After an hour of so and a quick morning shower I went down to have some breakfast. Mehtis and Tero happened to be there so I didn't have to eat alone :-) ...spent the day in the room trying to take a nap but someone was appeareantly fixing something next door so it was impossible to get to sleep in that fucking noise. The show went over really well and it was exciting to play in a new country for people that (at least for the most part) have never seen us live before. Before the show we had a meet and great and afterwards we went back to the hotel. There was a Casino downstairs so naturally we had to check it out, with the end result being that I overslept the next morning and had to be kicked up from my bed.....oh shit.

Travel, San Jose-Bogota, Colombia 5.3.
we were actually supposed to get all the way to Medellin but there was some hassles with the flights or something so we stayed overnight in Bogota. I had some dinner at the hotel and spent the next  14-15 hours in bed.....

Travel Bogota-Medellin & Show in Medellin 6.3.
Got up in the morning feeling very rested indeed, had some breakfast with Marko & Tony before packing my stuff and getting ready to take the van to the airport. After a really short flight we arrived in Medellin. Our first surprise was that there was no restaurant at the hotel, but we were arranged a van and headed out the moment I'm back at the hotel, waiting for the confirmation that everything is set up at the venue and what time we go there to play the show. Originally we were supposed to start playing at 2000 but as it's 1940 at the moment and I'm still laying on my bed in the hotel in my underwear I don't think the show will start on time. We'll when in Rome...we'll see how it goes and what'll happend next.


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  1. thank you for this amazing show in Medellín, we are habituated to begin everything late so, don't worry! I'm not proud to say this but, in my country is very common if producers say: "it'll begin at 20:00 it will be at 21:00 or later but we are not habituated to have such amazing bands here and that's something we won't ever forget... we are not habituated to know musicians like you, very nice with the people, with so much talent! after tonight we love you more than ever, and we won't forget Sonata Arctica's show (and i have a Tommy's drumstick!)

  2. I emailed you just a moment ago! ( Hope you read it.


  3. Awesome! Please write more stuff about your trips. It must be really nice to see different places all the time. I've been to Finland once and it was a great experience (specially the reindeer meat and the beatiful midnight sun!). Hope you guys enjoy São Paulo once again. Get a good rest, and see you tomorrow!


    You HAD to turn around in that moment!!! Hahahahahaha!
    Thanks for everything, Henkka. You're the shit!