keskiviikko 13. maaliskuuta 2013

Latin-America: Pictures from Colombia

Here are some pics from Colombia....

Hunter S.Thompson on his way to Medellin....

I Saw this house maybe 20 times during our stay in Bogota, I don't know why we always had to pass that, regardless of where we were going.....

The view from my toilet @the hotel in Medellin.... as you can see there is no window, luckily
it didn't rain...

A nice view from the hotel in Cali.

Driving to the airport in Medellin on our way to Cali....

Finally a bunch of nature-pics from when we were driving from the airport to the
hotel in Medellin....really nice !!!

Despite the beautiful nature, we didn't feel too safe after we saw the tire of our van upon arrival.
Luckily no accident happend.


10 kommenttia:

  1. omg that tire looks rather terrifying D:

    But HST has never looked better ;)

  2. Was great to meet you and finally see you in concert! Come back soon to Colombia! <3

  3. Thanks for coming to Colombia guys...Sorry for all the bad things but I hope that you enjoyed our country and that you return a little tanned to Finland. We have many interesting things here, but I think that was a bit time to know very well Colombia. (But at least do you enjoyed the CERVEZA right?) :D
    Come back when you want...this is your home!
    Marko look amazing in that pic...his gaze is intimidating...I love him! Lo amo!!!!

  4. I feel sad to know that my city wasn't a good experience for you, after so much time waiting for see you here. All the fans in Medellin love you more than ever after the show because it was always our dream. I hope it won't make you regret for play here :(

  5. No worries to feel sorry, the shows were awesome and some practical things might have been a bit so and so but we definately don't regret playing in Colombia and we hope to be back asap. Cheers !!

  6. Please Please Please come back soon!!!!! We all loved to see u all here in Bogota!!!!! And when u all played Tallulah was awesome! we all wanted that song to be played!!!!!!!!! I really thank u all for comming. Please don't make us wait too long!!!!!!
    Best of the wishes for all of u!

  7. I hope you got a good impression of our country shame on the promoter to make you go through the things depicted on the pictures anyways it was a pleasure to have you here, many people couldn´t go beacuse of financial reasons the day and the lack of publicity however the ones who were there enjoyed and loved seeing you here in medellin, hope you come back and see things in a different way! rock on! henkka

  8. We "the paisas" (people from medellin, Colombia)really appreciate your professionalism because despite all the problems.
    you gave us an epic night." the night in what awaken from sleep left us a wonderful memory"

  9. Thank you guys for coming here to Colombia, it was a dream come true, the best show of my life, I wanted to meet you personally but maybe in other time, PLEASE COME BACK SOON :)